Today is my 3rd day on Steemit and I have already learned a TON! There are so many knowledgeable people out there with very clear and well presented info in the Steemit community and I love it! Digging through Steemit and Youtube today I came across this video that really laid out some basics of day trading (I am a noob when it comes to day trading of any kind) that opened my eyes to all that I really have to learn. The main take away I got from Adam's video is “Be the Casino” which is basically just saying find a way to get a statistical advantage and work it. Adam puts this concept beautifully simple and I think any person new to investing could benefit.

I was thinking about this concept of “Be the Casino” at dinner tonight and how you could apply this to a lot of situations in life. For now I think I will try to perfect it with cryptocurrency and then move on to girl friend territory where the power of The ‘Stache still reigns supreme!


Go out there and “Be the Casino” friends!