So as I do my reading through crypto news and other associated tech stuff this morning I was thinking about all the different exchanges that I have come across and wondered if there was a “go to” place that has the best set of features or if you should have multiple exchange accounts for different reasons. I started off pretty basic with first just getting a Coinbase account, but I recently opened an exchange account at Kraken and although I have not done any trading there yet I just wanted to to venture out past Coinbase and get used to looking at all the charts and graphs.

It looks like fee structure is always a big consideration, but perhaps there are more beyond just fees? Looking at Kraken it seems to have a pretty good feature set, but I know that you can't trade every altcoin there so that is a little down side. If you do need to maintain multiple accounts at different exchanges how do you keep track of all your assets across all those sites? All these damn sites got me looking like the sculpture above… but just picture it with a sweet mustache!

Leave me a comment with your thoughts on the best exchange and how to mange it all! Help a minnow out!