Now that Bitcoin is flirting with 3,000 again, I decided it was time that I took a small portion of my initial Bitcoin investment and diversify my holdings a bit. I don't have a solid plan or strategy at the moment (still doing lots of research! Thanks to all the new friends on Steemit!), so suggestions are welcome but it seems like diversifying is a good idea. Most of the altcoins also seem to be up with Bitcoin leading the surge so maybe right now is not the best time, but I am ready!!!

If you follow along with the Cryptostache blog (best looking mustache in the West!), then you already read my post about moving my funds from Coinbase to my own paper wallet. I moved my Bitcoin from Coinbase to my own paper wallet because all I hear on Steemit lately is “make sure you own your own keys” and this makes a ton of sense to me anyways. While I moved the bulk of my Bitcoin to my paper wallet, I sent 0.1 BTC to my brand new Exodus wallet!

After reading about the different types of wallets and asking @rhyt a few questions (and him overwhelmingly recommending Exodus), I decided to give Exodus a try. Exodus currently supports Aragon, Augur, Bitcoin, Decred, Dash, EOS, Ethereum, Golem, and Litecoin. So far I am loving the platform! As a web designer and graphics guy I can REALLY appreciate great UI/UX as it is what I strive for in my own work daily and Exodus is nothing short of great looking and super easy to use. I did watch a few videos first, but mostly for research reasons, and I started using Exodus right away without a need for tutorials.

Now that I have some funds in my Exodus wallet I tried out the currency exchange feature through ShapeShift, and while it took a little time the interface and flow through Exodus worked well. I picked up a little bit of ETH to test it out!

Next up I think I will give a hardware wallet a try as I have been seeing a lot of people reviewing them and I love the idea of a specific piece of hardware for holding your coins.

So far so good with Exodus. What's your favorite wallet??

Send your comments, Steemit votes, and good vibes my way! (no bots allowed!)