A recent announcement by Coinbase that they will not be supporting the possible fork of Bitcoin looming on August 1st has some people concerned about their holdings there or Coinbase as a platform in general, but Coinbase is still the best wallet out there for beginners in the cryptoworld and here is why; it caters to a mainstream audience.

Bitcoin For The Masses!

The way I look at it is, the more people you can get into the cryptocurrency world and understanding the amazing technology behind the Blockchain the more in control people are of their money and the future of their overall wealth. This is the same reason I have invested more of my time (and money) into cryptocurrency. Coinbase makes it super easy to open an account and trade USD for Bitcoin and their platform is setup as kind of the perfect intro to cryptocurrency for people who know nothing about it, but still recognize the great potential of Bitcoin. 

Coinbase Breakdown

Here are a few things I really like about Coinbase and that I think make it the perfect platform to introduce cryptocurrency to those unfamiliar but interested in learning more. 

  1. Clean user interface & ease of use
  2. Can connect a Bank Account, Credit Card, or Paypal
  3. Solid track record and one of the older platforms (It is the first one I ever had and still use today!)
  4. Very clear and helpful support system
  5. Often used as a middle man for other apps & sites

I opened my Coinbase account in 2014 when I first bought into Bitcoin. I had no idea what I was doing, but finding Coinbase made it easy for me even though I knew nothing about purchasing BTC. Their interface seemed familiar to me, similar to my bank and that also seemed to help to. A great UI can go a looooong way folks, take it from this designer of over 15 years!

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Love It Or Hate It; Respect The Mission

No matter if you love Coinbase or think it is the worst, you gotta respect that it is trying to bring Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to the masses and that is a GREAT thing for the market, for Bitcoin holders, and for everyone that truly wants to be in charge of their investments in the future economy.

The ‘Stache supports Coinbase and I really do believe it is a solid company. I decided to become an affiliate of theirs so if you find my blogs and original content useful it would be great if you used my link, but even if you don't do check out Coinbase as it is a great platform. 

Super Cryptostache Code: https://www.coinbase.com/join/528cecfc5c70882c0500007e

Keep it ‘Stachey!


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