Bitconnect Lending – Day 2

This is my second day charting my investment in Bitconnect. I have seen a lot of bloggers do this, but I am going to be pretty diligent and bring updates atleast 1 time a week if not more. I am still very skeptical about my choice to invest at this point, but all of it was from gains on my original investment so nothing really lost if it goes south.

Here are today's results:

I edited this screenshot so we could see both the price of USD to BTC as well as BCC price at the top. Then we have my Lending Wallet (where my daily interest goes) and also my BCC wallet that has a few left in there that I did not initially lend out. This will allow me to eventually track my investment in a spreadsheet where I will try to determine if indeed it would have been better to just hold my Bitcoin's instead of investing in BCC.

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Yesterday my Lending wallet was at $10.10, and today it is at $29.90 that is an increase $19.80! Wow, that is well over 1% return and this seems to be the case according to their volatility graphs. Some days good returns other days not the best.

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  1. Paulqe12

    It shows that BCC/Bitconnect price is rising up for past few days; I think Hold a lot of BCC is a good investment and wait until it reaches more than $150.

    1. Post
      The 'Stache

      Yes you are probably right. I may have wanted to just hold the BCC instead of investing it. I still have many days to go though!

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