EDIT 01/16/17: Bitconnect has stopped paying out and will close it's doors. They gave everyone who had current loans payments out in BCC at the market price at the time of the announcement which was around $300. The price dropped like a rock and is now trading less than $8 losing over 90% of its value overnight.

Last night I noticed that BCC was skyrocketing on Bitconnect but when I checked on Coinmarketcap it showed it tanking. I looked at the markets tab and Coinmarketcap was excluding the BCC exchange because it's price was way different then every other exchange by more then double.

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People were buying on other exchanges like Nova exchange and then selling on the Bitconnect exchange for a massive profit. The site was acting funny last night then this morning I go to login and find this notice on their homepage and the login box completely disabled.

It seems they don't plan on returning service for a few days!! I hope this is not the beginning of the end??

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What is going to happen to all the loans that are gaining interest? So many questions! Here is a full screen shot that shows the login box disabled. Hopefully they get it back up sooner then later before the price of BCC is gone.

This really has me worried and looks like an exit scam to me! Bitconnect exposed!

Keep it ‘Stache tight!