Do you live in the Southern California area? If so, I would love for you to attend my next Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency for Beginners course! This is an in-person course where I show you Step-by-Step how to get started trading Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies in a hands-on classroom environment. 

Date: Click here for details on the next class! | Location: Long Beach, California | Cost: $85 (This includes $10 in FREE cryptocurrency)

SPACE IS VERY LIMITED!!! (Only Accepting 20 Students Max)

Have you heard the term “Bitcoin” but have no idea what it really is or how it works? Maybe you have heard how even a modest investment can yield over 200% returns? Are you tired of investing your money for retirement with banks or investment firms that are giving you less than 1% annually while they profit more from your money then you do?

My step-by-step course is aimed at the absolute beginner in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. I personally walk you through everything you need to know in a hands-on classroom where we have fun & questions are always encouraged. Even those with some familiarity with Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency will find a wealth of new tips, tricks, and resources to increase their portfolio.

Cryptocurrency IS the future and I can help you to navigate the world of Cryptocurrency so you can get started down the road to financial freedom. This explosive industry is being driven by a technology that is as revolutionary as the automobile was in the 1920’s & the internet was in the late 1980’s. I know, I know, it all seems very “technical”, but I present the information in a way that is easy to digest, does not use a lot of “technical jargon” that you won’t understand, and I even provide a nice summary guide when we are done!


Full Overview of Bitcoin & Crypto Basics

How Bitcoin Is Valued & Why It’s The Next Big Thing

How To Buy & Sell Bitcoin

Factors That Affect The Market

Securing & Storing Bitcoin

Basic Trading Strategy

How Exchanges Work

How To Manage Your Portfolio

Full Overview of Bitcoin & Crypto Basics

All this and more! (see the full syllabus below)



  • 2 Hour Hands-on Course
  • $10 in FREE Cryptocurrency sent to you after the lesson
  • Certificate of Completion
  • A Summery Guide of the course in PDF format
  • Healthy snacks and drinks


   Did You Know That There Will Only Ever Be 21 Million Bitcoins?   
(You can even buy a fraction of 1 Bitcoin!)


  • You must have a laptop with the ability to access the internet over WiFi
  • You should have a bank account (although this is not absolutely necessary for the course)
  • You must come prepared to learn & have fun doing it!



Shea Newkirk is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the tech, design, and development industries. Based out of Long Beach, CA, Shea is the owner and creative lead developer at Long Beach Web Design, a design & development firm focusing on custom e-commerce solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Shea has been a supporter and holder of Bitcoin since late 2013 when he bought his first 0.5 BTC for just $340. Also known as “The ‘Stache” in the cryptocurrency world, he is the writer of the popular online education resource and blog for beginners in cryptocurrency Covering a wide variety of cryptocurrency topics from the basics to more complex subjects like tax implications, everything is written in an easy-to-understand way with a fun edge. In addition to his business pursuits, Shea is also a local musician and enjoys playing Folk, Bluegrass, & Country music. He is also the creator and director of the Long Beach Folk Revival Festival & music news publication Long Beach Independent.


Welcome & Introduction to the Course

  • Greetings & Introducing “The ‘Stache”
  • Brief Student Introductions
  • Pre-flight Checklist
What is Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency?

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • Industry Terms To Know
  • How are Cryptocurrencies Different than Bitcoin?
  • Decentralization
  • Understanding Blockchain Technology
  • Cryptocurrency “Mining” Explained
Using Bitcoin to Achieve Financial Freedom

  • Why Are Cryptocurrencies So Hot Right Now?
  • What Gives Bitcoin Value?
  • The Risk vs Reward
  • Early Adopters Always Profit
  • Comparing Investments
  • The Road To Financial Freedom
Absolute Essential Resources for Beginners (hands-on exercise)

  • The News
  • The Social
  • The Stats
  • The Exchange
  • The Wallet
How to Get Started Buying Bitcoin (hands-on exercise)

  • Converting Fiat to Bitcoin
  • Your First Wallet
BREAK (10 minutes)

How to Get Started Buying Bitcoin THE SEQUEL (hands-on exercise)

  • Understanding Private/Public Keys
  • Moving Assets The Right Way
  • Why Is Everything Priced In Bitcoin?
  • Buying Beyond Bitcoin
Understanding Crypto Exchanges (hands-on exercise)

  • The Difference Between Exchanges
  • GDAX, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken
  • How to Read Trading Charts
  • Trading Fees: A Necessary Beast
The Safety & Security of Cryptocurrency Investing

  • Is Bitcoin Only For Criminals?
  • How Safe Is My Money?
  • How to Spot a Scam
Holding On For Dear Life: The Long Term Game

  • The Long Term Strategy
  • The Short Game
  • Trading Mentality: Avoiding FOMO & FUD
Overview of Advanced Trading Strategies

  • Buy The Hype, Sell The News
  • Technical Analysis
  • Arbitrage
  • Margin Trading
Cashing Out For Your Future

  • Why You Should Take Regular Profits
  • Converting Cryptocurrency Back To Fiat
  • Tax Implications of Buying & Selling Bitcoin
Your Next Steps

  • What Now?
  • What If I Have Additional Questions?
  • Personal Consults

  • Final Summary & Questions
  • Till Next Time Folks!



“It reads really well and very effectively explains what Bitcoin is to a total newb (like me).”

– Mike Lanza (Real Estate Marketing,

“I like how it's light hearted and it has a bit of humor in it. It's very easy to read.”

– Richard Guzman (Writer, Press-Telegram)

 “This was very informative and totally helped.  This really lays it out in laymen's terms, which is refreshing and rare.  Awesome.”

– Anthony Shadduck (Musician/Faculty, LBCC)

 “…I think it is straight forward and quite clear.— liked the Blockchain section.”

– Lorenzo Gigliotti (Tech Consulting,


You can contact me through email to reserve your spot:

SPACE IS VERY LIMITED!!! (Only Accepting 20 Students Max)