Are you obsessed with crypto? Are you that person that can’t stop checking all your favorite coins going up and down throughout the day? Maybe you just like being proclaimed “The Champion of Crypto” by your friends and fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts. No matter what type of crypto lover you may be, there is nothing better then being right AND winning money!

Do You Have The Totle Portfolio?

The Totle team is putting up $10,000 in prizes for creating the best performing fantasy portfolio of crypto assets. The tournament is free to enter and sign ups run from October 31st through November 5th when registration will be closed.

Starting November 6th through November 12th, your portfolio will be tracked. The portfolio with most percentage growth will win daily and weekly prizes. You can create up to five portfolios that will be entered for daily prizes of up to $100 in ETH and weekly prizes up to $500 in ETH!

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This is your chance to show the world that you know your coins and can build a winning portfolio. Because signing up is free, you can even challenge your friend! See who will walk away with the best portfolio and maybe even win some prizes. Getting started couldn’t be easier and you can set up a portfolio in less than five minutes.

How To Create A Portfolio In 5 Steps  

Here is a quick overview on how EASY it is to setup your first portfolio in the Totle Portfolio Tournament. Of course you first have to head over to the tournament site and register an account at Once your account has been activated here is how you create a portfolio:

STEP 1: Register an account at

STEP 2: Once you have logged in click the Create Portfolio button and create a new portfolio by first giving it a name.

STEP 3: Choose the 10 crypto assets that you think will make the biggest gains between November 6th and November 12th. (There are many to choose from, but you must pick exactly 10)

STEP 4: Allocate your assets in any combination you want! Each asset needs to have at least 5% allocation for this free competition.

STEP 5: Confirm and finalize that winning portfolio and you’re done!

Of course now you can see your portfolio in the daily and weekly charts and are now entered in the Totle Portfolio Tournament. You can create up to 5 portfolio’s total so give it a spin and mix up your choices for better results.

The Totle ‘Stache

Totle provides new and casual investors a secure and time-saving solution to easily enter the exciting world of crypto asset investing. They are giving early adopters a chance to beta test aspects of the platform through the Totle Portfolio Tournament. I decided to throw my ‘stache in the ring and created my 5 portfolios. I did one with all my favorite coins (still heavy on BTC), then and all “Bitcoin ‘Stache” as well as portfolios aimed at fully decentralized apps and gaming platforms. What is your portfolio going to consist of?

Check the Totle site daily to see your stats once the competition starts on November 6th, maybe you even have a chance to best The ‘Stache in an old fashion race to the crypto moon!

I Got The Totle ‘Stache!