(UPDATED 2018!) Top 5 Places To Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card; Lowest Fees In 2017

With a flood of new comers in the cryptocurrency world I feel like the articles I write become more and more important. I truly want to help people understand the basics behind Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Of course, the first step to any beginner in cryptocurrency is to buy Bitcoin. There are many ways (some of them MUCH slower than others) to buy Bitcoin online, but today I decided to focus on the places you can purchase Bitcoin online with a credit card. No one likes high fees, and I have complied a list of the best places to buy Bitcoin online with a credit card that offer the lowest fees here in 2018.

Lowest Fees For Bitcoin Credit Card Purchase

First let me say that buying Bitcoin with a credit card is not cheap. It will never be the cheapest or most efficient method to purchase Bitcoins online. The fees will always be much higher than doing a bank wire which is MY preferred method. The reason for this is it is a huge risk for a company to sell Bitcoins by debit/credit card because of chargebacks. Regardless, sometimes you need to make a purchase quickly and the following resources will help you do that. Keep in mind that many of these are "base rates" and there may be more fees involved past these base rates. Many exchanges use "variable rates" for certain circumstances, so check your fees before hitting confirm!

CEX.io - One of the leading exchanges around the world as well as one of the original cloud mining platforms. You can purchase Bitcoin with Visa or Mastercard for a 3.5% + $0.25 fee! This is one of the lowest fees for credit card purchase. They do require you to be verified (like most sites that let you purchase through credit/debit card). 

Binance - My favorite exchange to trade on now allows you to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin using a credit card! They make it SUPER simple and the fees for using a Visa or Mastercard are just 3.5% or $10 USD (which ever is greater). They do require verification like all other places to buy bitcoin with credit.

Coinbase.com - Still one of the best places to buy Bitcoin online, Coinbase credit card purchases, when all said and done, will run you 3.99%. They are one of the leaders in the industry and my go-to resource for purchasing Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Litecoin. Of course, you do need to get verified. 

Changelly - New to my list for 2018 is Changelly. They just started accepting credit card purchases but have been known for a while as a go-to place to swap coin for coin and they are very similar to Shapeshift. You do need to have a 3d-verified Visa or Mastercard to make a purchase. They do have a 5% fee as well as a credit card processing fee as well so it is not the cheapest option. 

My Experience

I don't make purchases via credit/debit card for very good reasons. I am patient and would rather wait the few days for a bank wire then pay more fees. I have not personally tested ANY of the sites credit card purchase of Bitcoin, but all of these sites are highly reputable and have been in business for a good duration of time. They are used by thousands each day. I still highly recommend Coinbase for your transactions, credit, debit, bank wire, or otherwise. All these links are my affiliate links, and you don't have to sign up using my link if you don't want to. I have thoroughly researched each site and I appreciate your support of my time and resources! If you have experience using a credit card to make purchase at one of these sites, let me know how it went!

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  1. Randall

    I think the info on Coinbase is incorrect. Their fee’s are outrageous. I bought $200.00 in BTC just a few days ago and I got $170.00 in return. That’s 15% not 3.99%

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      The 'Stache

      Hi Randall, depending on a few factors yes the fees can be higher, but they do always let you know what the fee is before making a purchase. Buying with a credit card is ALWAYS going to be very expensive in fees. You can read more about their “variable fees” (which I didn’t get into detail about on my blog, but should probably make some updates in light of your comments) here: https://support.coinbase.com/customer/portal/articles/2109597-buy-sell-bank-transfer-fees

  2. Chris

    Hello, the reason I’m on your site is because of the fact that I used CEX and found it outrageously expensive, I was looking for cheaper yet you say that’s the cheapest.
    For example I jbought 1000€ of bitcoin 4 days ago. They charged me 1035€ On my credit card and I received 903€ worth of bitcoin at the exchange price at the time. So it isn’t only the 3,5% or €35. I actually ended up losing 132€ which is close to $200! Because they gave me bitcoins at the rate of 900€ instead of 1000.

    1. Post
      The 'Stache

      Yes, buying crypto with CREDIT is always going to be super expensive no matter where you go. Given the recent announcements from major organizations about no longer allowing their customers to purchase cryptocurrency with a credit card, the fees are increasing and we may see 0 options for buying with a credit card in the future. Many times these extra fees are coming from the exchanges credit card processor and they may even tack on as much as an extra 10% fee. Personally, I would never ever ever buy crypto with a credit card.

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  4. Zafar Yaqoob

    Hi Shea Newkirk, I have found BitPande is one of the best Cheapest way To Buy bitcoin So thank you for sharing These Cheapest ways to Buy Bitcoin.

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