My goal with The has always been to help people to better understand what Bitcoin is and how it works. This can sometimes be quite the uphill battle, but I do enjoy bringing solid knowledge to those that want to learn. While I talk about investing in Bitcoin and that you can make some decent profits, I really try to focus on the magic of blockchain technology. I try to keep it technical (but not TOO technical!) and focused on this amazing new way of keeping records, but sometimes I still feel l like that guy peddling the “magic of the Internet” to people in the early 90's.

I Have The BEST Bitcoin Class Students!

I have been doing some Bitcoin classes for beginners in my local area this year, but this most recent class in November was a special one for me because I was also filming my presentation! This was a big step for me as a lot of people have been asking about an online video course of my material. I have quite a few followers in the UK, Australia, and Africa that have asked about a Bitcoin class beginners video course and I am happy to say it is being edited right meow!

Video tapping a live lecture is no easy task, and while I had a few hiccups along the way, everything turned out great. I really have to hand it to this batch of students as they were truly amazing in the classroom. So many great questions were asked, which are included in the video classes, and I think that it really adds to the overall amount of knowledge you will learn from the upcoming video class series. I will say that a few questions kept me on my toes and I tried to answer as honestly as possible, but sometimes we just don't have the answer to every question and that is ok too in my book. Better to say you don't know and then go find out, then to bullshit someone to make yourself look good for the time being. 

Because I was filming this most recent Bitcoin class I decided to give my students a special commemorative “Stache Coin of Completion”. This was a pretty cool wooden coin that I had laser cut at a local place to look like my logo. Each coin is individually numbered on the back and there is a limited supply of only 41 million… err I mean 41… hehe just 41 of these ever made!


Upcoming Bitcoin Classes

Since I closed registration for my last class in November I have had quite a few people ask me, “When is the next class?”. To which I kept replying, I do 1 per quarter, so February. While my plan was to keep it to 1 hands-on class per quarter I have had such high demand for my in-person Bitcoin class that I have decided to do them more frequently!

My next Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Beginners Class is set for:

January 20th, 2018!

We will cover all the information you will need to get started trading Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency and you will walk away from this class with the confidence you need to start your journey into Cryptoland the right way. As with all my classes you will receive $10 in FREE cryptocurrency and my January class will also get a ‘Stache Coin of Completion for all your hard learning!
REGISTRATION OPENS – December 28th, 2017 (Click HERE to Register)
REGISTRATION CLOSES – January 12th, 2018

You can find complete details (including a full syllabus of all topics covered) on my Bitcoin Class page on my website HERE

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The ‘Stache's Online Crypto Video Course

December is here and The ‘Stache is making his way to video! If you love my writing (or just my really sweet mustache), then you are going to LOVE my new online video course that I am launching on December 14th!

That's right! Starting December 14th I will be offering an online Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency course for beginners that features my in-person lecture where you benefit from not only MY knowledge, but also the great questions that all my students asked me. This online “Bitcoin Crash Course” is just as comprehensive as my in-person class and consists of over 2 hours of video education that you can watch in the comfort of your own home and at any pace you like! I will be offering the class at a reduced rate of only $10 through the end of 2017 so make sure to snatch that deal up before it expires on New Years Day.

The CryptoStache on

While I have been doing my in-person classes, I realized that I just don't have enough time to network with everyone so I started my own group! This will be a casual and safe environment to come and meet others in the cryptocurrency space here in Long Beach and learn a little while you are at it. No laptops or major presentation, these regular Meetups that I will run are aimed at mostly networking with a small discussion focused on a single topic each event. The first CryptoStache MEETUP will be on December 14th! The topic will be “Bitcoin in 2018” and we will talk and toast to the future of crypto.

You can JOIN MY group here.

I plan to do 1 of these each month, so make sure to join the group or sign up for my email list to know when and where they will be!

The ‘Stache Is Here To Help!