EDIT 1/15/18: USI-Tech is no longer operating in the US and many people have lost their money. This was in fact a scam and now it is folding up from what I can tell. I was not able to withdraw.

This is my second update in my on-going “USI-Tech Challenge”. I have decided to take on a few controversial platforms to see first hand how they actually work and if they are as bad/good as so many people want to claim. I try to be as unbiased as possible in these posts although I do include my referral link at times, but that is in no way an endorsement of the platform. I do my best to provided accurate and important information and do as much research as possible. If you want to support my efforts and were already thinking about signing up I appreciate you doing so as part of my team and will do my best to guide you on the right path. EDIT: USI-Tech has changed the way US customers can get involved with the platform! Please keep this in mind.

USI-Tech Challenge – Day 1

The Rebuy

I started with USI-Tech on November 1st with just 3 packages. I picked up an extra package from a friend who wanted to take my Bitcoin beginners in-person class as payment. If you follow my Bitconnect Challenge then you know that on that platform I am not doing any “rebuys” into the system. With USI-Tech I decided to try out the rebuy feature as they have an “auto rebuy” setting that you can allocate with a percentage slider.

You can set it to a certain percentage and when your wallet hits that percentage it will automatically rebuy for you without any work! I think that is a nice feature personally. I set my auto-rebuy to 100% as I still only have a few packages so I want to grow those quickly. I have no interest in the unilevel or car bonus stuff at this time so I am not participating in that. 

I can say that the auto-rebuy feature does in fact work as over the last 45 days it has bought 2 additional packages for me without any intervention and I now sit at a whopping 6 packages! I did not purchase much to start out as I mainly signed up for the purpose of this investigative article. 

Investigating Mining Claims

Many of the negative comments I have read about USI-Tech are about how ambiguous their website is and how they don't really lay out exactly what their product is or how it works. I completely agree with this and they do a piss poor job of clearly defining what their operations are. I think this is because when they first started out they may have operated more like a ponzi scheme to generate enough capital to get into the real game; mining. While this is just my personal speculation, I think that now they have pivoted and are going full steam on the mining operations they have since setup. Even these mining operations have been called into question and USI still has not offered much on their website about it or to the public in general save for a short video. 

Recently I did uncover something I would consider concrete proof that USI Tech is indeed invested in a massive mining opperation. Looking at the Ethereum blockchain explorer site EtherChain.org and then their Top Miners statistics tab you can clearly see that USI-Tech is in the top tiers of mining volume for the Ethereum network. 

I don't know that you can fake this kind of data coming straight from the Ethereum blockchain, but you can clearly see USI-Tech right up there with other major players like AntPool and MinerGate. To me, this is a clear and reliable sign that USI-Tech is in fact moving their offerings to be cryptocurrency mining based versus the forex trading bot format they started with. 


With solid news like these mining results I think that USI-Tech is here to stay for a while regardless of how crappy they are at communicating their intentions to their supports and their haters alike. No matter what, programs like this ARE risky, so I always advise to start off small and work you way up as you do more of your own research. Never just take my advice on something (no matter how much you love my ‘stache!), because in the long run it the lack of knowledge or due diligence will burn you. If you have questions, just leave a comment!

The ‘Stache Loves A Good ETH Mine!