Bitcoin Cash Now Available On Coinbase! Here Is Why I Don’t Care…

It finally happened! We have been waiting for quite some time for Coinbase to announce the addition of a new coin to their platform. They have been dodging the question as to when and if they would add a new coin to the platform for a while now. Based on their past performance and what they have recently said I had a feeling that BCH was going to be the next coin listed as they originally talked about support for it (in some way) when it was first created. 

To The Moon

I first saw the announcement on their Coinbase Medium page here. Of course checking and it is already shot up a ton. I am not the biggest fan of Bitcoin Cash, but being added to Coinbase when it was already a top 5 cryptocurrency is sure going to give it enough steam behind it to give Bitcoin a run for its money. 

BCH Long Term Prospects & Why I Don't Care

While many think that scaling the block size to 8mb per block, as is the case with Bitcoin Cash, is a long term solution there are a lot of holes in that theory. Simply increasing the block size is only a short term solution for scaleability and does not address the real problems we face with cryptocurrency transaction times and fees. In addition, the centralized mining of Bitcoin Cash by the dominating miners, AND also the creators of BCH, like Bitmain and ViaBTC pool stinks to high heavens as just another well orchestrated cash grab. This is not even taking into account people like Roger Ver, who continually try to confuse people with his website that is really a Bitcoin Cash site.  We should be looking to the implementation of new tech for cryptocurrencies like Lightning Network, SegWit, Atomic Swaps, and possibly even side chains. Many in the BCH camp like to claim that Bcash is more inline with Satoshi's original vision of Bitcoin, but their fully centralized fork could be nothing further from the truth. Bitcoin Cash has been able to wedge its way into the scene despite this fact and with the addition of Bcash to Coinbase at a time that Bitcoin fees are the highest they have ever been leaves me thinking that this was executed like it was on purpose.  Now we have allegations that there was "insider trading" with the release of Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase and that does not surprise me either. Both cryptocurrencies have a long way to go, but I am still betting on Bitcoin for now and will weather the scaleability storm we are currently seeing in hopes of the calm seas ahead.

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Is It REALLY Time To 'Stache That Bcash??

Shea Newkirk

The ‘Stache
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  1. Jeanne

    Actually, continue your logic, and think about it from the other side. The BCH and BCC confusion got a lot of people confused. They trust coinbase because it is easier. I also trust coinbase because they have purchased US insurance, but I don’t use it because of the high fees. Their playing for the market share.

    So, I say use the confusion to make an opportunity for your self.

    All the money that poured into BCC has to go somewhere.

  2. Aaron

    Is there a way to get rid of the big round mustache on top of the screen? Between that and the social media links at the bottom it feels like I’m trying to read a book over the shoulder of some lady in a restaurant with a fake fern in the way.

    1. Post
      The 'Stache

      Hi Aaron, I am not sure what you are seeing or what is the problem, but if you want to send me a sceenshot that would be helpful!

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