Create Your Ultimate Fantasy Portfolio & Win Prizes In Round 3 Of The Totle Portfolio Tournament

I have a lot of friends that are into fantasy sports and fantasy football leagues were always fun in college, but I have not really participated in a fantasy sports tournament in a long time, until crypto... Recently I have linked up with the Totle team to do some content writing for them and while their portfolio management platform is in development they are holding a fun "fantasy portfolio" tournament. I wanted to share about this fun "pre-project" again as they just opened round 3 of their tournament and it is all free to play.

Create Those Portfolios

You can read my previous post on how the tournament works here, but this is a little on how the tournament works from the Totle team; 

With no real money required to enter, the Totle Portfolio Tournament provides participants a risk-free opportunity to learn how to construct a diversified crypto portfolio using an intuitive and user friendly interface. The tournament also gives users a chance to research other cryptocurrencies (because it can't all be about bitcoin) and better understand the dynamics of the crypto ecosystem.

Once portfolios are locked down, the sweepstakes period begins and participants watch how their portfolios fare against other competitors via a public leaderboard.

Daily and weekly winners are chosen based on the highest percentage gain of their portfolios and they share in a pool of prizes worth up to USD $10,000.

They have a pretty good article on how to create a portfolio step-by-step on their Medium blog here too. Round 3 is now open for creating your portfolios (you can create up to 5 fantasy crypto portfolios) and then on December 25th they will be locked and the tournament begins. The top 3 people with the most percentage gained each day and then an overall weekly winner, will walk away with a share of the $10,000 in prizes they are giving away (in ETH!). The competition ends on Jan 1st and then the weekly winners will be calculated and crowned the champ!  Click here to sign up.

It's great because you risk nothing and you can challenge your friends or go for one of the top 3 prizes daily or weekly. This fantasy crypto portfolio tournament makes it fun to learn about diversifying your holdings and the different coins you can use to comprise a winning portfolio. Check it out for this round or a future round for a fun way to get involved with crypto as you get started in this crazy coin world!

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