(2019 UPDATE!) Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges With The Lowest Fees In 2018

No one likes paying fees right? It was one of the most appealing reasons to get into cryptocurrency personally and I think it is a driving factor for a lot of people. I was looking at some of my bank fees the other day and I can't believe that they charge me $20 a month just to hold my money!!! Is that crazy to anyone else? They are holding my funds, making money off of the investment, and giving almost nothing back in interest. Regardless of who you bank with, you will run into some fees. The same can be said about crypto, but the fees are generally lower. I put together my top 5 trusted exchanges with the lowest fees for 2019. I have traded on all of these (except specific international exchanges) and I know they are solid platforms. 

Lowest Fees / Trusted Exchanges

Square Cash App - When a major player like Square steps up people take notice. They finally added the ability for everyone to buy & sell Bitcoin directly from their app with ZERO (0%) trading fees! This vaults them near the top of my list for buying Bitcoin specifically.

Binance - This is a hot place for trading altcoins and their trading fees are LOW! Just 0.1% fee for trades and it can be even lower if you use their Binance coin that is built into the platform. This is my NUMBER ONE place to trade right now. As of September 2019, US customers are not allowed to trade on Binance, BUT they have opened up Binance America that does allow US customers with the same great interface.

CoinbasePro - While Coinbase Pro only focuses on the big 3 (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin), the fees are a standard 0.25% taker & 0% maker type structure. The advantage that I give to Coinbase Pro is that it is connected to Coinbase which gives you some great ease of use in transfer of funds to an exchange account with no fee at all and if you go with a maker order you are sitting pretty!

Bittrex - Bittrex has always been a staple of US based crypto exchanges in my opinion, but they are new to my list because they finally started offering USD pairs on their platform so you can trade against the US Dollar. This is huge as there are very few places you can trade and then cash out to your bank account. Their fees are a flat 0.25% across the board. 

CEX.io - The UK based CEX.io makes the list because while most of the exchanges have a standard fee of 0.25%, they only charge 0.20% per trade! They are also one of the few places you can cash out to fiat similar to Coinbase. That combined with a solid user interface & being one of the longest running exchanges make it a winner in my book.  They DO accept US customers too! 

For International

I have a good amount of followers over in the Europe, Canada, & Australia so I wanted to include a few exchanges that are specific for these locations and may be better than some of the US based ones listed above.

Rising to the top of my list VERY quickly is Bitmex. They have a very low fee of just 0.25% for makers, but the real reason this has become the hottest exchange out there is because of their 100x leverage for Bitcoin trading. If you don't know what margin trading is or why it can be profitable see my article about

Europe - You might want to check out my personal favorite the VERY easy-to-use Bitpanda (their fee structure is a bit different see info on that here) for buying and selling.

Australia - For those looking for an AUS based exchange give CoinSpot or CoinJar a try as two of the more popular options for Australians. 

Canada - The go to exchange for everyone in Canada should be Coinsquare after the horrible issues that Quadrigacx has put customers through . 

Know another quality exchange that might fit this list? Let me know as I am always looking for great international options and it is harder for me to find and test them being from the US.

Ones To Watch

New exchanges and ways to buy crypto come out all the time and I like to keep my eyes and ears open for whats going to be HOT. Here is one I think is going to make a whale-like splash in 2019.

Voyager - With an amazing team from leading organizations like E*TRADE, Uber, TradeIt, Lightspeed Financial and more, Voyager could be a major player by the end of the year. This exchange is one of the first to also be publicly traded on a stock exchange to give traditional investors exposure and trades on Voyager are commission free! Sign up before they launch to get $25 in free BTC by clicking here.

If you are looking for more great cryptocurrency resources, check out my dedicated Crypto Resources page where I list out all the tools & websites that I use daily. I couldn't live without most of these resources and I keep it updated regularly so you have the BEST tools to help you achieve financial freedom!

Hope that was a helpful guide! Leave me a comment or send me an email if you have some other suggestions or ones I might have missed, but until next time...


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    Hey Shea, how ’bout taking a little time to explain fees a bit further for the new guys?
    .25 of what? The amount of the transaction or .25 Bitcoin? Example-trying to transfer <$10 value to paper wallets as a learning tool would cost ~$40 when it cost less than $10 to buy the original coin value many times that earlier in the day.

    1. The 'Stache Post
      The 'Stache

      Hi Jim, the fee percentage is on how much you are purchasing. So if you purchase $100 of a coin at a 0.25% fee of that would be $0.25 you would pay.

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    1. The 'Stache Post
      The 'Stache

      Thanks a lot! I hope this helps anyone looking for the best crypto exchanges with the lowest fees here in 2018.

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    Hi Shea, out of the 5 exchanges you mentioned above, which ones can I make a bank transfer to US $$ or send US$$ from my Bank? I want to buy Bitcoins directly from an exchange & trade as well , so I do not have to hassle with the constant transfer of bitcoins from wallets, etc,to other exchange or platform.
    I just want to stay on one same exchange Buying BTC with bank transfer $$$/ then exchange and trade Altcoins, and that does everything, is this possible? and for LOW FEES? trading a variety of Alcoins on one exchange or platform does this exist?

    1. The 'Stache Post
      The 'Stache

      I typically use Coinbase for my US $ transfers and then move it to my exchange of choice for trading (Binance right now).

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    robert meyer

    Since hitbit is saying they will now charge you a fee to deposit Ethan onto the exchange I am looking for a new exchange, do you think finance would be the best option at this time?

    1. The 'Stache Post
      The 'Stache

      I think Binance and Kucoin are both good right now and seem very popular. I have never used Hitbit so hard for me to compare them!

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    Its not the trading fees that sting so badly its the other fees. I was trying to withdraw an erc20 token (LAToken) from HitBTC recently and the fee was $41! Needless to say I didn’t withdraw them. I sent customer service a email but never heard back.

    1. The 'Stache Post
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      Try to withdraw USDT, it is $100 fee. HitBTC is the worst I came across so far. Binance is growing like crazy, I like Bitfinex even with the whole USDT controversy. Kucoin pretty good, charts UI is the bomb.

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    I would like to Buy Bitcoin using my Visa CC where would I pay the lowest fee? Also when I want to cash out where would the lowest fee be to cash out?

    I will also look at wire transfers but not for my 1st transaction.

    1. The 'Stache Post
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    1. The 'Stache Post
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    1. The 'Stache Post
      The 'Stache

      Hi Phoneit, I am in the US and I try to cover as many counties and solutions as I can, but I don’t have any specific information about which ones would work best for people in the UAE. Sorry!

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    I am new in this Crypto world, I am using KuCoin for trading.
    I am not sure about one thing. I am hoping you can clearout my confusion.
    When we put an order for buying or selling then the 0.1% fees is dedcuted or when the order is processed and we actully get the tokens we bidded for.
    Summary: We get charged for placing orders or we are charged 0.1% on KUcoins when the buying or selling orders are executed.
    Looking forward for your response.

    1. The 'Stache Post
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    1. The 'Stache Post
      The 'Stache

      Hi Mar, no Binance was not really hacked. They had an attempt on their servers, but ultimately the would be hackers got nothing and all customers funds are safe.

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    Get Stuffed

    This article is an embarrassment to your site. What’s worst is that this link came up as the first non-ad hit on Google, so you are misleading thousands, if not more. Long story short, the following URL shows exchanges with zero fees (albeit certain clauses/limitations) https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/volume/24-hour/no-fees/

    However, for general purpose trading, the following are better options:
    – Binance 0.05% (paid using Binance coin) (ranked 3rd in volume)
    – Bitfinex 0.1% (ranked 4th in volume)
    – Quoinex 0% (only when trading on your selected fiat pairings)

    1. The 'Stache Post
      The 'Stache

      Hi “get stuffed”, thanks for commenting. Yes there are quite a few places to trade online that have zero fees. In my article I mentioned 3 of my top sites that charge zero fees and I feel they are more well established than any of the coin market cap listings for no fees. I don’t know how that is misleading, but I also mention Binance as well, just like you did. I did not include Bitfinex because they do NOT allow US Customers as I am in the US as are a majority of my followers.

      Clearly you didn’t even read the article, but if you have a reply I would love to hear your thoughts. FYI this article is also almost 6 months old! Look for an upcoming post where I detail my top 5 decentralized exchanges with zero fees in 2018.

  14. Avatar

    This article is missing critical information. Yes, most exchanges charge very small percentages to trade crypto to fiat. What I need to know is how much it costs to move the fiat currency to and from my bank account. Thank you.

    1. The 'Stache Post
      The 'Stache

      Hi Gerald, the problem with this is that most exchanges don’t allow you to cash back out to USD into your bank account. Coinbase is the most popular and they charge close to 5%.

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    Anybody paying $20 a month to a bank isn’t really paying attention to their money.

    Charles Schwab investor checking rebates all ATM fees, has no monthly charges and no minimum balance.

    Frankly, transferring most crypto costs more in fees than any decent bank charges. Venmo – Free. Zelle – Free. Paypal – Free. Not so much for bitcoin and ethereum. The only free to transfer crypto that I know of is Nano. Zero fees, near instant confirmations.

    1. The 'Stache Post
      The 'Stache

      I actually pay pretty good attention to my money and while yes, you can find banks that don’t charge monthly fees that is fairly impossible to do for a business account, which is personally the $20 fee I have to pay each month or have a minimum balance. If you are talking personal accounts sure, there are lots of great free options and I would actually recommend a local credit union over something so corporate as Charles Schwab.

      To your comment about Paypal and Venmo, sure they have free transfers to friends, but you also run the risk of charge backs… There are certainly downsides to these centralized banking alternatives as well as upsides, but Bitcoin has them beat in many categories that you just don’t take in consideration here.

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