Since I started writing about crypto I have been pretty consistently blogging every week, but if you were wondering where last weeks newsletter was and why nothing was posted on my website for over a week it was because I got hit by a Mac truck of a flu! This recent flu going around really took me out for a few days and every time I tried to write something it came out all crazy sounding and incoherent (wish I has saved some of it to show you!). While I was sick I came across an interesting resource which is both awesome AND tasty! Miso is one of my fav soups to eat when I am sick and I thought what better way to share my sickness story then introduce you to CryptoMiso.

GitHub Metrics By CryptoMiso

There are a lot of sites out there that give you all kinds of metrics to track cryptocurrencies that people use every day to make decisions on trading. I like to keep things simple most of the time and just use simple resistance/subtraction lines and trend lines, but other really like to dive into a project to find other indicators to help guide them. Unlike other sites, tracks the GitHub channels of tons of cryptocurrency projects by the number of commits they have.

If you have no idea what GitHub is, I will give a quick explanation. GitHub is the most popular place for open source developers to post their code publicly as they work and improve the code. Other coders can “fork” off these public repositories and make something new (sounds familiar right?). The majority of cryptocurrency projects are open source and therefore most of them are on GitHub as well. Let's say a developer is working on the Bitcoin code and he makes 1 change and adds it or “commits” it to the official GitHub channel of their project. This shows that the project is actively being worked on and anyone who wants to view the change can see it. 

This is where CryptoMiso comes in. It shows you the number of commits to each crypto projects GitHub over time which gives you a clearer picture as to which projects are being constantly worked on and which ones may have not been touched in months.  I really love how simple straightforward this site is and their logo is fun too!

Tofu Of Knowledge

I think when it comes to indicators as to whether a project is a good investment or worth looking into, the activeness of their development channel on GitHub can be good supplemental information. Knowing that a project has an active development community gives me a little more comfort personally as I don't want to invest in a project that is not moving at break-neck speed. The iron is HOT, and if a crypto company is not moving fast now they never will. 

Look Who Made The Top 10

That's right… he's your friend and mine! Bitcoin! There are a lot of people out there trying to bring the big guy down, but according to CryptoMiso it has the 9th most active GitHub with hundreds of contributors. Bitcoin has its issues it needs to overcome, that is for sure, but because it is an open source and dynamic code it CAN overcome these issues as it scales to the masses. Looking at a few other notable coins at this time, we have Ethereum in 44th, Bcash in 33rd, and XRP in 104th. There are a couple of surprises here and the top 10 has a project or 2 that I did not expect to be there, but I won't spoil ALL the fun and let you see what those are for your self. 

CryptoMiso gives some cool insight into yet another aspect of the cryptocurrency world that can be helpful for both newbies as well as experienced traders alike. What do you think about this new resource? Should I add it to my Crypto Resources page on my website?

The ‘Stache Loves A Hot Cup Of CryptoMiso!