Getting started in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin presents a pretty damn steep learning curve. I try to help as many people navigate the basics as I can so they can start off on the RIGHT foot instead of losing their shirt immediately because they were not well informed. Once you get past the learning hurdles of cryptocurrency and start to diversify your investments beyond Bitcoin, it is no doubt that an interesting or overly-hyped ICO will come across your path. If there is anything MORE confusing and full of bear traps than the inner workings of Bitcoin it is certainly the Initial Coin Offering. Investing in ICO's are tricky and in my opinion require a ton of research and sometimes a little luck. 

In 2017 we saw everyone and their mama jump on the blockchain bandwagon and the ICO scene exploded with projects. That trend has easily carried over into 2018 and even with places like Facebook banning all ICO and crypto type advertising on their platform, it seems you still can't avoid the massive marketing pushes some of these large projects can mount. Wading through a sea of ICO's to invest in and find the right one can be such a challenge. It takes a true cryptowarrior to tackle the research involved, but one decent place to start is by check out the many ICO rating websites that have popped up along with all of these ICO's.

While I take all of these scores with a grain of salt, cross-checking multiple of these sites can really be a great tool in your ICO rating and investing toolbox. Here are my top 8 Initial Coin Offering ratings websites that are great for getting a basic idea about the plentiful and upcoming ICO's out there.

ICOBench – They have a clean interface right up front and I love how they break all the ICO's down into each individual category to make it super easy to find exactly what you are looking for. They use an algorithm to determine the scores for each ICO base on several factors here

ICOMarks – This site has great search features and I really like their Calendar tab that shows all the ICO's listed by their date in an easy to read listing format. Their design is super clean and they have some fun UI elements. They rate their ICO's based on the amount of information a project provides, so this site can be a good indicator of projects that are very active.

TokenData – Ok, so this is not a “ratings” site for ICO's, but it is one of the BEST resources out there for information on ICO's and relevant data that is updated and focused. This is a MUST in an ICO rating and research arsenal!

ICORanker – All the projects are pushed right up front with this site and they even have different levels of membership and verification of projects so you know if someone is committed or just looking for a free listing. This is certainly a “premium” site for ICO listings as it seems you really only get a score if they have a paid listing.

TokenTops – The team at Tokentops have taken a bit of a different approach where they combine “expert” reviews with user submitted ones to derive an overall score. While I love this concept, it seems many of the ICO's listed don't get a score.

CryptoRated – These guys are more of a paid review site for ICO's, but they also have other information about existing projects too. The one thing I like is how they break down the coin by its attributes and assign an indicator score to each major area.

ICOBazaar – This is one of my favorite sites on this list. They have a clean design and all the listing pages for the ICO's are very detailed and seem to include really comprehensive information. They derive their rating scores from several factors including an outside expert review along with user generated reviews. 

CoinSchedule – I am not a huge fan of the design of this site, it is pretty lackluster, but they do list a good amount of coins (sorted by ending date). The unique feature here, and why I included it in my list, is they offer dates and schedules for other crypto aspects like crypto conferences & events.

That's the roundup folks! ICO's are tricky beasts to invest in and I tend to bey VERY cautious and do a lot more research on an ICO than an established coin already on an exchange. Hopefully these ICO ratings sites will help you in finding that next gem of a startup project, but don't forget to take all these ratings with a grain of salt!

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