The markets are down, things are looking mostly bearish, and all your favorite coin shilling Youtubers have gone silent… Does The ‘Stache ALSO have his head buried in the sand? Hell no!

This last month I decided to take a little time off writing and focus on some other aspects of life & business, but I realized I didn't even let you know first! Keep reading to see what I have been up to and what is on the horizon!

For the last year or so I have been writing articles & talking about cryptocurrency very consistently. I really love learning about it and then sharing my ideas and thoughts here on my blog, but I realized that in the hype of “Crypto Christmas 2017” I got a little TOO focused on producing content. I am constantly finding myself taking on too many projects at once because I am intrigued and interested in a wide variety of things, but with the frenzy of the markets returning to about “normal” (hahah what's “normal” in crypto anyways?) I decided it was time for a small break from writing.

Down With The Hype, Up With The Focus

With so much hype coming off the end of 2017, the online storm of scammers, shillers, and people just plain taking advantage of folks is staring to re-balance with this downtrend in the market. This type of downtrend in crypto really DOES help to shake out the weak hands and while others may have gone silent because their “game” was up, I simply needed a short break to collect my thoughts and energy (plus my daughter is on spring break!). This downtime also gave me the needed energy and focus to work on the next 2 chapters of this wild CryptoStache ride!

Lights, Web Cam, ‘Stache!

One of my goals for 2017 was to start my own Youtube channel. It always seemed one of the most popular places for cryptocurrency content and I knew that eventually I wanted to incorporate video into what I was doing. Well… I got a bit distracted in December and it never happened. I decided in March that, with this time off writing, I would research my setup and purchase the gear I needed. 

My idea is to first port most of my existing content to video format as there are some really good articles with info for beginners in crypto that just never goes out of date. Those are the videos I will start with first. Then moving forward, I will try to put up one video per week along with one or 2 written articles as well. Looking at most of the Youtube channels out there, many of them are low quality video and audio and the content is barely cohesive and certainly not concise. Most of these Youtubers just ramble for 15 to 20 minutes repeating themselves over and over. I aim to make short videos (about 3-8 minutes long) that will be how-to's or simple guides or reviews aimed at helping beginners navigate this crazy cryptoworld, but I am also going to dive into more advanced topics more often too. I purchased a sweet 4k webcam with all the bells and whistles to do it like a pro. As I learn more and do more, I want to share that with you guys (even if it is complicated and may take some patience on your part!).

I plan to really get going on my video endeavors and Youtube channel in May (as I will be on a cruise to Mexico later this month). I will also be uploading my videos to DTube (the Steem based decentralized version of Youtube), and then I may think about creating a podcast from those videos if you think that would be fun (send me an email if you like podcasts!). Look for a post soon that details my video setup and the behind-the-scenes of making my first intro video!

CryptoStache Classes 2.0

If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I launched my first online video course in December and so far it has been a pretty good success I would say. This first video offering was recorded live at one of my in-person cryptocurrency beginners classes I do quarterly in Long Beach, CA. I felt it was a quick and cheap way to help a lot of people get started in the right direction so they do well in the cryptocurrency world and I made it super cheap so everyone could check it out. This first video course is effective, but there is some info that is plain outdated now (the cryptocurrency world moves very FAST), so I decided to start work on my second course offering. 

What I am lamely calling “‘Stache Classes 2.0”, is really just the next step that I had always wanted to get to in my mission to help beginners and the like understand all this crazy Bitcoin stuff. Versus doing one big course that touches just a little on each subject, I am going to break it down into smaller video segments that focus more on one topic that start simple and then really drill down to the complex by the end of the video series.

This will make it more of a “a la cart” type of learning, where you choose your specific topic and then purchase JUST that video series. I think this will give everyone more value for their money and it allows me to focus on a specific topic and give you MORE info and insight in each video series. 

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Going this route, if someone just wants to learn about Bitcoin basics and really isn't ready for trading Altcoins, they can just purchase the more focused series instead of having to pay for the entire mega course that I have online right now. 

What does this mean for the current course? I will still offer it for purchase as a complete “crash course” through the summer until I record another in-person course to replace it. I want to keep my stuff fresh because things are changing so rapidly in cryptocurrency that even a course just 3 months old seems dated to me. As special bonus, for everyone that has purchased my first course, you will get 1 free ‘Stache Class 2.0 when they launch!

Look for all this new course stuff to be here before summer when I think things are going to start heating up again!

Hustle On, HODL On

Of course, even though I have been a bit silent on my blog with new articles, I am still holding all the same coins I have been and I have really not sold anything in the last 2 months except for some TRX (don't get me started! lol) and I consolidated some of my ETH in a few random places to purchase some NEO recently which I will write about in an upcoming “Where I ‘Stache My Crypto”. I have taken this bear market downtime to keep hustling towards my goal and try to expand my ability to help more folks get to know cryptocurrency like I do so they can see the potential for the future instead of being that one guy who “doesn't trust the internet”.  In the fine words of the Dogfather himself, the ‘Stache is “a motherfuckin hustler, ya better ask somebody!

No Market Movements Can Stop This ‘Stache Train!