Moving in to the 2nd quarter of 2018 seems a little surreal. While things were certainly slowing down in the cryptocurrency world, the last few months slipped by quickly for me and now I find myself looking towards the summer! Thinking about this, I realized that one of my favorite coins, EOS, would be launching it's mainnet this summer. To make sure you get your actual EOS tokens ( I will cover this below), you need to register them prior to the launch of their main net. Follow The ‘Stache as I show you how to simply and easily register your EOS using one of my favorite crypto wallets, Exodus.

EOS Can Finally Go To The Ball

I have been following EOS since early last year and I am only moderately invested, but I think the project really has some great strengths over some of the other DApp platforms like NEO or Ethereum. While EOS has been in a massive 1 year long ICO the tokens you are purchasing are just ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain that represent the future creation of the native EOS token which you will get one for one. Around June 2nd, 2018 a snapshot will be taken of all EOS token holders which will then eventually grant you your EOS tokens. Now, not everyone will have to register their EOS tokens, but if you bought them on an exchange you should make sure to to do. 

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Registering Your EOS Tokens In Exodus

I love that, once again, the Exodus team makes it super simple to do things like this in their wallet. While you can register your EOS tokens in other wallets like Metamask or MEW, I am going to show you how to do it step-by-step with Exodus wallet

  1. Make sure you are on the latest release of Exodus wallet. The release that has the easy EOS registration update is 1.48.1. 
  2. Open up Exodus and check your EOS wallet to see if you have a similar message in the top right of your screen. This will show even if you have already manually registered using some other method.
  3. Make sure you have at least 0.005 ETH in your Exodus Ethereum account, as some ETH will be needed to complete registration. A more detailed guide is available here to explain why you need Ethereum to pay for these transactions:
  4. Now that we know we need to register, open the Help screen and scroll to the bottom until you see the section for registering your EOS. You should get the same green button as I am when opening that tab.
  5. As you can see when you hit the button to register a box pops up and it tells you exactly how much ETH you have to pay to register this address. This is because you are making a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain and it requires a small transaction fee. It's a tiny amount of ETH (about $0.07) so I didn't have a problem doing it this way. 
  6. One click of the button and done! Now you have registered your EOS for a mainnet snapshot through your Exodus wallet. Pretty damn simple right? Once again, another reason I like Exodus. 

Summer Here We Come!

Now that we have our EOS tokens registered we can sit at our desk and zone out until summer hits! If you are a HODLer of EOS then maybe you are as excited as I am or maybe not, but one thing is for sure; we are going to find out if this ship sinks or floats!

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