I'm back baby! For those that have been following me for a few months you may have seen that I decided to take the month of April off from writing on my blog and go on a little vacation. If you are a NEW follower or joined the Secret ‘Stache Club, then you might have been wondering “what the heck is up with The ‘Stache?!?” Keep reading for a recap of my amazing month off and all the cool things I did, PLUS a look ahead at all the new articles, guides, how to's, and video content I am working on!

A Massive Tidal Wave Of ‘Stache Content Coming Your Way!

Now that I am back in action and writing again, expect to see 2-3 articles every week like I had been doing previously as well as my expansion into video and joining the ranks of other great crypto Youtubers! (Follow me on YouTube here so I can finally get a channel name instead of a bunch of random numbers!)

I spent some of my crypto profits to buy new video gear (web cam, mic, lights, green screen) so I can reach a new platform and help even more people with solid & legit info on crypto related beginners stuff. I will be posting later this week on how I built my setup (I made my own green screen), and the filming of my very first “Welcome to my channel” video preview for Youtube.

If you read my article about NOT having my head in the sand and all the things I have in store for the month of May, you can read that here. I am going to do a brand NEW video series for beginners as so much has changed even from just last November when I recorded my previous one. I will go more in depth on topics, with shorter videos, and some “ala cart” options so you can purchase JUST the videos you want or get the whole package for a discount. 

The Vacation

After a whirlwind start to 2018 and taking on a LOT of cryptocurrency work, I decided to take the month of April off writing so I could refocus myself and take a vacation with the fam. It was nice not having to check the crypto charts every hour and be reading whitepapers till my eyes bleed! I really enjoy helping beginners in Bitcoin & crypto, but I sorely needed a break from it as well as my main business (I run a web development firm in Long Beach), so I booked a cruise! I bet you didn't even notice I was gone! (too busy watching/getting rekt in that bear market were you?)

To kick things off my vacation really started on April 20th and I got to go to the premier of the new Super Troopers 2 movie which I Kickstarted about a year go. I got some SWEET perks from them, including this authentic (and quite heavy) Vermont highway patrol badge. The movie was tons of fun, especially if you liked the first one. I have been a fan of the Broken Lizard guys and even got to see them at a comedy club in LA a few years back. 

Next I headed to the port of Long Beach cruise terminal for a 4 day cruise to Catalina & Ensenada, Mexico! I was on Carnival's Imagination ship and overall it was a damn good time. We got on the ship early and checked out the whole layout which included a casino, 4 hot tubs, pool, 3 water slides, huge buffet (plus a Guy Fieri burger bar), comedy club, piano bar, tons of great musicians, theater shows, and a shit ton of other stuff that's just too much to mention! Our English cruise director Matey was a lot of fun and I couldn't help repeating his signature sign off each time he made announcements… “but for now… CHeeeeeeeeee-rio”. 

Catalina Golf Cart Crazy

Our stop in Catalina was a bit cloudy at first, but turned into a great day as we took our golf cart around the island to see the sights. We hit the botanical gardens, the chimes, and took some great shots of the beautiful city of Avalon. I think the trip to the Catalina Museum was my favorite as they had a really amazing JAWS exhibit (one of my all-time fav movies), and I spent most of my time there although the exhibitions on the history of Catalina were also very well done and interesting. The day ended with a bit of time on the sand and while it was great weather and a lot of fun, I got a bunch of tar on my feet! (sidenote: this stuff is very hard to get off your skin and we found that using hand sanitizer works best as it has alcohol in it!).

A Bargain Day At The Blowhole

The next day we arrived in Ensenada and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. The big thing to do in Ensenada is to go see the infamous “La Bufadora” which is one of largest naturally occurring blowholes in the world. Basically there is a seacave and when the waves come in fast, it shoots water straight up into the air. We decided to book our excursion in the city and got a great deal on going to La Bufadora AND an hour of horseback riding on the beach for a super lower price! We took a shuttle out to the blowhole (its about 30 minutes from town) and had a great tour guide in Monica. Once we got there, I was surprised to see how many shops they had crammed into the approach to the blowhole, but the shopping was great and I haggled everyone down at least 50% on everything we bought. I will note the laughably blank looks on most peoples faces when I asked them, “Do you take Bitcoin?”

The seas were pretty calm that day, so we didn't get a free shower as our awesome tour guide Monica said we might be cautious of, but it was still quite cool to see it explode! After doing pictures at the blowhole we had lunch at Habana Cabana. The place was pretty over priced, but the food was not too bad. The atmosphere was fun, but it was clearly a tourist trap. The interesting part was that they have “rescued” lion, tiger, and leopard cubs that you can take pictures with and pet. Now, I don't condone them keeping them there, and MANY people on all the review sites have given them 1 star because of this. I don't support animal cruelty like this, but the experience was pretty damn awesome to say the least. I doubt I will ever get the chance to pet cubs like this ever again with the rate of extinction we are seeing globally.

Don't Lock Me Up Bro

They claim that all the animals are rescues or were abandoned, but after having the whole experience I don't know that those claims are true. I wish I could say that NOT supporting them would result in them no longer keeping the animals locked up, but lets be completely honest with ourselves… with so much ignorance, hate, and unkindness in this world there will always be someone willing to pay and someone willing to take advantage. Do I feel guilty for paying to go do this, yes a little… but it is the same guilt I feel at the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. None of them should really exist, but I have had some amazing experiences with wild life that I would never get otherwise. Hopefully Habana Cabana comes to their sense and realizes that this is not the way to do things, and find a new solution or find the animals real homes and close up that part of their business. 

We spent way too much time shopping and almost missed our shuttle back to town! Luckily they did wait for us and then we headed to the beach for a horse ride. We were met by a family that does the horse rides and all got to pick our horses. It was a fairly leisurely ride along the beach and I really enjoyed it. Once again, this too could be considered animal cruelty, but it is damn hard to draw a line in the sand and say “this is too much” when it's not overtly abusive. I was doing well on my horse and then all the sudden he just decided he wanted to take a roll in the nice warm sand and I had to jump out of the saddle before he crushed me! I survived with a few scrapes is all, and then we went into downtown for more shopping before heading back to the ship. All in all, an amazing day in Ensenada, Mexico!

My last day of vacation was spent at sea crusin' back to Long Beach. We hit the pool for most of the day and hung out drinking, hot tubing, and eating from the buffet and then enjoyed a cool classic rock themed show. This was my second cruise ever and I highly recommend a cruise for a pretty affordable vacation with great amenities. 

Taking the month of April off was a great decision & I feel rested and ready to jump back into the crazy world of crypto. May is going to be a busy month for The ‘Stache so I hope you are back to following my adventures because I am JUST getting started!

‘Stache That Crypto Friends!