If you caught my last post about finally taking the necessary “professional” steps to get my YouTube channel going and port all my content over to video then you might have caught that I will be running a poll to vote on my NEW video intro music! The music I have currently is cheesy and so I am going to let all my followers vote on a new one.

I am giving away $100 in ETH to 3 lucky people at random who vote on their favorite intro music and complete the necessary steps!

WHAT?!?!? This MUST be a scam. No… no tricks here friends! Just trying to promote my new YouTube Channel and get some help deciding on this new video intro music. 

SO HARD TO MAKE A DECISION! I need your help! Watch and vote below:

Steps to be entered to win $100 in ETH!

  1. Watch the 6 intros the video above & vote here on your favorite one below in the poll.
  2. Go to my Youtube Channel (click here) & hit the SUBSCRIBE button.
  3. Comment on THIS video which one was your favorite and leave your PUBLIC ETH address.

(if you don't know how to get your public ETH address send me a message and I can help!)
Bonus: Follow me on Twitter too if you really love me!

[poll id=”2″]


I will pick 3 winners at random 3 weeks from this post on June 4th, 2018, and each winner will receive $100 in ETH each!

The video intro music with the most votes will be my new official video intro music on all my videos from now on! 

More crypto content coming at you soon, but for now… 

‘Stache That Crypto Friends!



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