I've gone crazy for WAX!

Being a long time gamer I know what it's like when a game takes over your life and you just can't… stop… playing! Where once only those called nerds played online games, now millions of “normies” (<- PM if you know what game this came from and I will tip some crypto!) also play online games in one way or another. While digital assets have been traded online since the days of Ultima Online (my first MMO), the “Rise of the Digital Asset” is upon us and the Worldwide Asset eXchange will lead the way. Keep reading as I WAX my ‘Stache on this great token OR check out the video!

Make Way For The Mighty WAX Token

Hardcore gamers have truly lead the way when it comes to digital assets being exchanged, so it's no surprise that over 50% of gamers own some sort of cryptocurrency. We have been selling digital in-game gold, houses, weapons, and collectibles on places like eBay for well over 15 years already, but the next step in that evolution has come with the WAX platform. 

I have been an investor in WAX since the ICO and out of all the “gamer coins” that have popped up, WAX has been a mighty leader in crypto adoption for the gaming world. The fact that they already have an established business in the OPskins.com website where hundreds of digital assets are traded each day (many using WAX tokens) across dozens of games demonstrates how the WAX team is leading the charge into cryptocurrency battle!

Since my last review of WAX, a new champion has emerged that has taken up that orange waxy banner to propel the best digital asset exchange even closer to that golden crypto throne of power. Here come the “Crypto Collectibles” TM, lol!

Crypto Collectibles Thrive

What exactly is a Crypto-Collectible? To put it very bluntly, its a unique token. Most tokens you deal with are all the same. You buy 5 EOS, TRON, or OMG and you have 5 tokens that are exactly the same or what these fancy financial types call “fungible” and are based on the ERC-20 standard for tokens typically. Crypto Collectibles are a “non-fungible” token which means each token is unique and they are based on what is called the ERC-721 standard. This ERC-721 was created specifically for this new asset class and has truly exploded in the last 6 months. 

Being able to have a unique token to represent your digital asset is a huge step forward in truly owning the items you have earned in a game. The amazing team over at WAX identified this early on and have racked up a nice stable of Crypto Collectibles that are now tradeable on their platform with WAX tokens. 

Gotta ‘Stache ‘Um All

The first Crypto Collectible was the massive hit that everyone loved to hate (because it was clogging up the Ethereum network in Dec 2017), CryptoKitties! The guys behind that project knew they had a winner on their hands when thousands of ETH were being traded for their cute and cuddly CryptoKitties. Soon after the explosion of the game the ERC-721 standard was created by the CryptoKitties team and now we have seen TONS of unique games pledge fealty to the mighty token standard for unique game assets. 

While tokens and coins have exchanges like Binance or Bitrex to trade their tokens, there really were no good options for those with these unique tokens to trade with each other. This is where OPskins.com/WAX come in as it is THE go-to place to trade your ERC-721 tokens. While currently only CryptoKitties are tradeable on OPskins, here is a list of the major games they plan to support immediately: 

Personally I own a few CryptoKitties and a Hero for CryptoSaga. It was more for testing purposes than a real desire for these assets, but I truly see this format of gaming taking over the entire gaming industry starting with the MMO world. Even in my fav game I play right now, Shroud of the Avatar, the infamous Lord British announced they will have some sort of partnership to bring crypto to their game eventually. 

All this gamer talk has me seeing nothing but WAX in my future! With such a great team, established project, and the fact they are leading the way on cross-game Crypto Collectibles trading, everyone is going to be using the Worldwide Asset eXchange in the near future!

One WAX Guild to rule them all! But for now…

‘Stache That Crypto Friends!