I have been wanting a hardware wallet for a long time and chose to go with a Ledger Nano S! Check out my unboxing direct from the package to me NOT knowing what the hell to do! I literally got cut open the pack and open the box for the first time and attempt to set up my hardware wallet live on video. I certainly ran into some problems, but they were minor. Watch for all the fun and a little insight too if you have been thinking about getting a hardware wallet. 

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Looking to pick up your OWN hardware wallet? If you are interested in a Ledger Nano S I highly recommend only purchasing directly from the main distributor in France. There are some “trusted” resellers out there, but I and not a very trusting guy! 

You can use my promo code here if you like: https://www.ledger.com?r=73e4

I may be also picking up a new Trezor hardware wallet as well so I can compare and contrast the two. Leave a comment if you think that would be an interesting article!

That's all for today, until next time…

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