When I first got into cryptocurrency I did it without telling anyone, no announcement on social media, heck I didn't even tell my girlfriend! This was in 2013. I had a little extra income and KNEW that Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency (and blockchain tech!) was going to be a huge part of the future.

Fast forward to today and now I help beginners coming into the space get the right basic information they need by writing on my blog, making videos, and even hosting in-person crash courses! Even with all that it took me a while to get comfortable enough to head out to a big cryptocurrency convention like the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles

More Fun Than A Barrel Of Crypto Monkeys

If you missed my post about attending the Crypto Invest Summit in LA earlier this year you can read my review here. I was not really sure what to expect as I had never been to a convention for crypto (although I have been to conventions for other stuff). I was surprised at how open people where, and honestly how much fun I had!

I attended just 1 day at Crypto Invest Summit, but looking back I wish I had made it for the pre-party and each day of the event. I went by myself, which I tend not always like doing, but in this environment I felt really comfortable so I barely noticed. 

Crypto Invest Summit LA Rides Again

“I won't miss out the next time around”, I told myself, and so I reached out to the organizers and told them I would like to support what they do and be an official media partner! The next CIS Los Angeles is scheduled for October 22 – 24, 2018 at the LA Convention Center

I will be there in all my ‘Stache glory and I would LOVE if some of my followers where there to hang with too!  The early bird pre-sale ENDS on June 15th and the deal is SWEET, so make sure to act now and get those tickets. If you are thinking about going and you MISS the pre-sale you can use my personal discount code: Cryptostache30 to get 30% off your general admission ticket which you can pick up here.

I hope to see some of you there, and for those that live far away I will be doing some live stream coverage during the event so you can be there in spirit, but until then…

‘Stache That Crypto Friends!