I have been on a hardware wallet kick these last couple of weeks and decided to purchase and test out the popular brands and up-and-coming cold storage options. Today I got my brand spankn' new Trezor Model T and I am quite impressed! Watch as I go from opening the DHL package it came in (all the way from Prague!), to figuring out how to configure and setup the Trezor and even troubleshooting a few problems.

First Glance

I really loved the way the Trezor was packaged and unboxing was quite easy (even though I hate plastic wrap!). The Trezor Model T comes with a cool magnetic feature that allows you to stick a little magnetic holder to anything and hide your Trezor kinda like those hide-away house or car keys you may have seen. Inside the box there is a VERY short micro-USB cord that made it really hard to plugin to my computer and use at the same time as my comp is under my desk. This was the only major downside to the Trezor in my opinion.

Setting Up The Trezor

The touch screen is so easy to use in comparison to the Ledger Nano S! I got the mnemonic key written down and confirmed in a fraction of the time it took me to do it on the Ledger Nano S and every action in general is easier with this mini-touch screen interface. Plugging it in you just navigate to their website to get started on the setup. 

I had to download the Trezor bridge application as my Trezor was not recognized when I plugged it in (I have Win 7). I was first presented with an “update Firmware” screen. I when through this and it actually FAILED! I let it sit there for a while and nothing happened, so after a while I just decided to unplug it and restart. Once I did this I refreshed the page and everything worked! I got the “Create a new Wallet” screen and setup was a breeze after that!

In comparison to the Ledger, which requires you to install a Chrome extension, the Trezor Model T interface is online and super simple to use. I loved how simple it was to switch between coins and that you didn't have to install separate apps like you do with the Ledger Nano S.

Trezor Model T Or Ledger Nano S

To date I have tested these 2 hardware wallets and I have to say that while each has their down sides, I give the advantage to the Trezor Model T. It was easier to setup and to use (despite a few hiccups) and I love the touch screen navigation. Trezor for the win!

I will be checking out a few other hardware wallets soon like the CoolWallet S and the cool new Keywallet Touch (if I can get my ‘Stache on one), both of which are credit card shaped hardware wallets. Look for full reviews of both soon, but until then…

‘Stache That Crypto Friends!