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Being somewhat of an internet geek myself I recall the days when few braved the dial-up speeds of early internet access and would just do weird stuff. Not that the internet is short on that these days, but I have felt that recently the cryptocurrency world has been. It's been all about speculation, “gainz”, technical analysis, shorting, longing, and profit profit profit… but where's the fun?!?! It's at Satoshis Place, that's where!

Follow The ‘Stache as I give you a tour of the latest crypto craze that is actually fun (but kinda hard to pay for) in this tutorial on lightning network payment setup and how to pay for your drawings on

Welcome To Satoshis Place

Satoshis Place is a 1 million pixel artboard where you can draw what you like (some are even now using API's to upload whole images) and each pixel costs 1 Satoshi (the smallest unit of a sub divided Bitcoin = 0.00000001). The interface is simple and you might remember a similar concept quite a few years ago in the Million Dollar Homepage project, which I thought was genius at the time. tutorial walkthrough setup guide

As you can see it is quite the amalgamation of drawings, scribbles, and various other crazy shit. Unlike the Million Dollar Homepage, any pixel can be overwritten at anytime by anyone so this could go on forever!

Satoshis Place was created by Lightning K0ala as a way to demonstrate the microtransaction powers of the Bitcoin Lightning Network ⚡. I decided it would be fun to do a video and tutorial on how to first setup your Lightning Wallet for payments to and then do some live drawing!

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Here is a video of me drawing and paying for my drawing on Satoshis Place. Skip below for a full tutorial on setting up your wallet.

Lightning Wallet Setup On Eclair Mobile Wallet

I had a damn hard time setting up a lightning wallet and after trying a couple I landed on the Eclair Wallet which has support for Lightning Network built in. First, don't make the mistake of downloading the “Testnet” wallet version. Once you get it installed on your Android phone (sorry iPhone users, I didn't find a good LN wallet option for you!), set up your mnemonic seed phrase and passcode and you are ready for setup.

  1. First you need to send BTC to your Eclair Wallet. Swipe left to get your receiving address. While paying for drawings on Satoshis Place is fairly cheap you need AT LEAST 0.001 BTC in your wallet to open a Lightning Network channel (don't worry you get most of this back when you close the channel.) tutorial walkthrough setup guide tutorial walkthrough setup guide
    You must wait for at least 3 confirmations of your BTC transaction before you can move on to the next step of setting up your LN node connection.

  2. Now that you have at least 0.001 BTC in your wallet, swipe right to open a Lightning Network channel with Satoshis Place. You need to get the “Node Information” from Satoshis Place first, so go there, do a small scribble and click on “Submit”. This will popup with the screen below and copy the Node Information.

  3. Now go back to your Eclair wallet and press the “+” button in the bottom right of the Lightning Network screen and if you already have the Node Info pasted it will read that automatically (I sent it to my email and then copied it on my mobile from there). Put in the minimum of “0.001 BTC” and hit Open. This will take 20 or 30 minutes as you need 3 confirmations of the transaction. You can use this time to brush up on your drawing skills! tutorial walkthrough setup tutorial walkthrough setup guide

  4. Once you have an LN channel open you will see it say “Normal” on the LN screen and you are now ready to send payments for your drawing! I created a freestyle CryptoStache logo with my website url! tutorial walkthrough setup guide

  5. When you are done, hit the submit button (this time for reals!), and you want to copy the Payment Request part. I tried using the QR code feature on Eclair wallet, but it never worked for me. tutorial walkthrough setup guide

  6. Now on your Eclair Wallet, hit the little paper airplane icon in the bottom right of the main screen to send the payment. If you have the Payment Request string already copied (just like I did it before), then it will open the pay screen with the exact amount. Now hit accept! You can see my PAID transaction below and it was instant. As soon as I sent it my drawing was live! tutorial walkthrough setup tutorial walkthrough setup guide

That's it! Now that you have an LN channel open to Satoshis Place you can pay for drawings MUCH easier.

A Few Problems Along The Way

The first time setting this beast up is tricky as I had a bad LN connection at first, had to force close it, then wait a day, then open a new LN channel. I also had problems with the pay screen telling me I didn't have enough in my LN channel to pay when I did. The Eclair Wallet also crashed a few times as well, but I just kept trying with the same payment string and eventually got that payment window to popup as you can see in my video. 

While getting the LN wallet setup is a pain in the ass, drawing on is fun and now you can use my step-by-step guide & tutorial on how to setup your Lightning Network wallet for Satoshis place to do your very own drawings! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Email me screenshots of anything awesome or drop them in the comments section. That's it for today, but until next time…

‘Stache That Crypto Friends!