At the last Crypto Invest Summit I could only attend 1 day of the event and I missed the great kickoff party too! While I was able to catch some great speakers and panels at the sold out CIS (over 4,000 in attendance) earlier this year, I missed the fireside chat with legendary investor Tim Draper.

Well I get a second chance! Crypto Invest Summit was such a big success that they are expanding the conference size and will be back at the LA Convention Center October 22nd – 24th. As luck would have it, Tim Draper is speaking again and I am excited to hear him in person. It looks like he is scheduled for another EARLY chat (9:30 am) so make sure to get there first thing.

The Entrepreneur Scramble

Being an entrepreneur is not easy work and I have been doing it the last 10+ years fairly successfully. From time to time I pick up some great tips from online articles or even a physical book (gasp!), but it has been a while since I felt I got some really good advice. Tim Draper has a new book out aimed at startups, entrepreneurs, and those wanting to be titled “How to be The Startup Hero” and I think I just might pick up a copy before the convention and give it a read. Maybe I can convince Tim to give me a quick interview and sign my copy??

Tim's new book is aimed at giving motivation and guidance to those that need a little fire under their arse to really get their startup or business off the ground. With over 30 years of working with entrepreneurs I think that Tim has the upper edge in helping to train the next generation of startups and innovators. 

Fireside Chat With Tim Draper In Review

While I missed the chat with Tim at the last CIS earlier this year, they have a really great video recap here that you can watch below. I thought it was cool how they had both Tim & his son Adam on the panel. The talk was candid and of course they are both huge crypto supporters. Tim has spoken out many times about crypto being the future and I really like this recent article by The Street where he explains why he is still very bullish on crypto. 

With so many crypto conferences going on around the world, I feel like I miss out on them a lot of times and I am glad that there is a quality conference right here where I live. If you want to come check out Crypto Invest Summit later this year you can use my special ‘Stache discount code (Cryptostache30) to get 30% off your ticket! Make sure to pick them up soon before the price increases!

Hope to see a few of my followers there, but until then…

‘Stache That Crypto Friends!