It seems like as the crypto world progresses more and more every day that the user interfaces are actually starting to make improvements that would really appeal to a mass market that is not already into cryptocurrency. Recently I have been testing out a variety of different crypto wallets, in particular mobile wallets, and I have found a ton of great new options including the newly released Ethos Universal wallet. The Ethos Universal wallet was released in stages and it I did this review the day after they released it for US residents. Follow The ‘Stache as I go “full mobile” and break down the Ethos wallet. 

Sleek & Features For Days

This new “universal” wallet from Ethos looks great, is very secure using a single 256-bit seed, 24-word mnemonic which provides master encryption for all of the private keys in each cryptocurrency wallet you create. 

I love how when you first set up the wallet you shake your phone all around to generate a random seed and that once you have your wallet setup you can have a multitude of cryptocurrencies stored using just the one “smartkey” as they call it. 

Not only do you get a great interface for storing, tracking, and trading your crypto, but Ethos gives you “Watchfolios” as well that allow you to track coins outside your Ethos Universal wallet. 

Automatic Airdrops

One of the features I am really excited for is the fact that Ethos has partnered with well over a dozen quality coins that will be airdropping to Ethos wallet holders when the feature goes live. I thought this was a pretty cool feature and one that you don't see every day from a new wallet experience. So far the list of airdrops coming includes: 

Thats a LOT of free coins! Ethos seems to be adding more airdrop partners every month so I would not be surprised if this list grew before they made the function live in their universal wallet. 

All in all, the Ethos Universal Wallet is a great new mobile wallet that is secure, easy to use, and gives you free airdrop tokens too! You can download the wallet here: Ethos Wallet download for Android | Ethos Wallet download for Apple

I will be reviewing more great wallets soon, but until then…

‘Stache That Crypto Friends!