Crypto Day is where Rhy (Chops) & I (The ‘Stache) take a day where we try to only use Crypto to pay for things at local businesses and see where it takes us!

Episode 2 takes us to the Los Angeles/Long Beach area where we check out crypto lounge & co-working spot Cryptospace in San Pedro. Then we head over to Long Beach to buy pizza & beer with Bitcoin at Deli News. We end the day in Venice, CA where I get my hair cut for Bitcoin and we hit up the Venice Boardwalk looking for vendors that take crypto.

Stopping By Cryptospace Lounge

First we stop by a dedicated lounge/co-work space called “CryptoSpace” to talk with the owners Ernesto & Stacey and get a tour of the place. They show us their super advanced Crypto ATM by Vault Logic. This prototype ATM allows you to pull out USD like a regular ATM and also does buy and sell of multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. It even prints PAPER WALLETS for all of these! This place has a great lounge for crypto discussions, a kitchen with complimentary coffee, and even a co-working space upstairs. We had a great time talking with both Ernesto & Stacey and I highly recommend checking them out!

Buying Pizza With Bitcoin At Deli News

Our second stop sees us back in Long Beach at a popular pizza joint called Deli News! They are actually downstairs from where I hold my quarterly intro to Bitcoin classes. The staff at Deli News was great and it was a flawless transaction to purchase not only pizza but BEER with Bitcoin too! Easy to say that we were stuffed when we left this place. 

Bitcoin For A Haircut In Venice

Our last spot we hit up Venice Beach so I could get my hair cut at the World Famous Venice Barbershop with Ben who is a huge cryptocurrency supporter. They take both Bitcoin & Litecoin and is by far the coolest barbershop in all of Venice! Look at that sweet mustache sign they had out front, it's like they knew I was coming!

Now with my hair cut we decided to head down to the Venice Boardwalk to see if we could find any vendors that would take crypto. After our hard luck in San Diego, I honestly didn't think we would find anyone, but I was wrong! We ended up getting coffee and a smoothie at Espresso Yo'Self and the owner took multiple cryptocurrencies even though he didn't have a sign out. Make sure to stop by if you are in the area.

We also found a sunglasses vendor that took Bitcoin (after we asked about 5 different ones first!), and even though he didn't want to be on camera he told us his story about how he got into crypto. On our way out we ran into this amazing sand sculpture artist who also took Bitcoin tips for her work! 

What a great and successful day we had for Episode 2! Once again, we show that you can indeed use Bitcoin as a medium of exchange for daily needs, as well as how easy it really is to accept crypto as a business. Crypto Day 3 coming soon, but until then…

‘Stache That Crypto Friends!