Interview With Enjin Coin VP Of Communications Roger Walco

If you have been following my crypto journey for a while now (shout out to the 'Stache Club!) you will know that I am a big gamer and I love the combination of blockchain and online gaming. I certainly love where the space is going and have been a big fan of blockchain/gaming cross over companies and recently I got the chance to interview Roger Walco, VP of Communications at Enjin.

We talk about crypto in gaming, ERC-1155 & ERC-721 tokens, the Enjin product offerings and upcoming games on their platform, as well as Roger's outlook on the next 5 years of blockchain & gaming.

Roger's History - 1:10
Blockchain Adoption - 2:35
Enjin's History - 5:09
Enjin Product Overview - 7:43
Enjin Wallet - 10:25
ERC-1155 launch - 18:28
Enjin's Own Blockchain? - 26:09
Games on Enjin Platform - 27:00
5 Year Gaming Outlook - 31:52

I really enjoyed this interview and I hope to be interviewing more great leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Who do you want to see me interview? Drop me a comment about it! That's all for today, but until next time...

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