Every time I look at the markets I am reminded that I should have started mining cryptocurrency sooner. Being a “tech guy” it as hard as it used to be to mine I could have easily gotten it all setup, but I didn't and here we are! I now have a few cloud mining contracts with Genesis Mining, and I have also tried renting some hashing power from Nice Hash, but if you are new to mining and want to give it a try on your home desktop or even your lap top then Honeyminer is great for beginners! The setup is SUPER easy even someone with no experience mining can get it setup in less than 5 minutes.

Why I Chose Honeyminer

Ok so I have been wanting to build my own mining rig for a while and you guys might have heard me talk about it before on my blog. The thing is, it's pretty expensive to get started with something decent like a 6 card GPU rig. I decided to go on vacation this summer instead of building my miner, lol. To supplement my mining fever until I DO build my own rig later this year I decided to give mining on my gaming desktop a try. I first started out looking at Nice Hash miner, but the problem was that my GPU was not compatible!

I had heard about Honeyminer from my buddy Crypto Breakfast and decided to give it a try. While I don't make much each day mining, I feel that every satoshi counts these days! The reason I stuck with Honeyminer is because it is SIMPLE! No advanced configuration, no special knowledge required. I just downloaded it, installed and turned it on. Check out my video tutorial and review above and let me know what you think about Honeyminer. 

Are you already mining? Whats your favorite program or service to use? I hope to get a few more reviews of mining software up before I build my full mining rig, but until then… 

‘Stache That Crypto Friends!