Ethereum has grown to be one of the pillars of cryptocurrency over the last year of so in my opinion. It was because of their easy-to-develop on platform that helped to launch hundreds and hundreds of ERC-20 token ICO's. While I don't invest too often in ICO's I do love a good decentralized application and most of the high volume ones are built on the Ethereum network. I found this great site that ranks all the most used Ethereum based DApps with their volume, user count, and historical data. This site also shows you YOUR interactions will all the DApps you have used (Metamask based).

DAppvolume Shows You Your History & More

In my Dappvolume video tutorial you can see exactly how this website works and why I like it, but I did want to point out again that my favorite feature is that they allow you to see your personal history. You have to use a plugin like Metamask for this to work it seems, but I really enjoyed going back and looking at my transactions. If you try out this feature and don't see some of your transactions on there it is probably because the app was not added to their platform just yet. 

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I hope you found this website useful! Let me know in what way you think this can be used to help you in your daily quest to be a crypto millionaire! More cool sites and content coming at you very soon, but until then…

‘Stache That Crypto Friends!