Top 8 Bitcoin Travel Resources; Vacation With BTC!

Getting back from an extended vacation recently it left me wondering why I don't get away from it all a little more? Then I remember all the damn responsibilities I have and head right back to reality. I do want to travel more though and I had recently seen more sites that were accepting Bitcoin for flights and decided to check them out. Follow The  'Stache as I go over some of the top sites for buying airline flights with Bitcoin. 

Top 8 Bitcoin Travel Resources

While I have gone over every website on this list and verified that they do accept Bitcoin in some way, I have not actually purchased from any of them. These top 8 resources for Bitcoin travel are sure to help you on your way to traveling on your crypto bags, but always do your own research!

  1. Destina - I like this sites layout and the fact that they have a convienant currency calculator at the top of their website where you can switch it to mBTC (1 mBTC = 0.001 BTC and is used to show prices with less decimal points.)
  2. BTCTrip - A Bitcoin specific site that offers flights from popular carriers all priced in Bitcoin. 
  3. AirBaltic - A major airline that also accepts Bitcoin as payment for flights. They are in most international airports. You can see here their policy on accepting BTC for flights.
  4. aBitSky - Another Bitcoin specific site that seems to be more geared towards international customers. Great for those in Europe where flights seem the cheapest.
  5. CheapAir - This is a major airline search site that does allow you to pay for your "cheap flight" with Bitcoin. 
  6. Berkeley Travel - A luxury focused travel site that accepts BTC for their vacation packages which may also include flights and hotels.
  7. 9Flats - This site is similar to AirBnb where you can find houses or condos to stay at instead of a hotel. They accept Bitcoin for room stay as they state here.
  8. Gyft - This is a giftcard site where you can buy just about anything in the form of a gift card. They allow you to purchase anything on the site with Bitcoin including some travel related items. 

Hopefully my list of the best Bitcoin vacation resources has helped you to plan that next getaway and you can use your crypto profits to do it! More great crypto tips and tricks coming soon, until then...

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