Cryptocurrency as a whole is an industry that is only about 10 years old and we have come a long way in those short 10 years. While the community of cryptocurrency users has certainly grow a lot, we still have many barriers to overcome. The largest of these barriers in my opinion is ease-of-use. Cryptocurrency should be easy to send to anyone, not a complicated mess of wallet addresses, private keys, and clunky interfaces. It should be easy as pie to send crypto to friends, family, co-workers and more and the people behind the Social Send platform think so too! Follow The ‘Stache as I dive into what Social Send is all about and give you a break down on how to send crypto to your friends using your favorite social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook. 

What Is Social Send?


Current Supply = 36 Million
Maximum Supply = 65 Million
Exchanges = Cryptopia, CryptoBridge, & Graviex

The Social Send platform is a community focused cryptocurrency ecosystem built around the idea that sending crypto to friends should be as easy as posting an update to your favorite social media sites. They combine lighting fast confirmation times with ease of use, so everyone can send money anywhere in the world effortlessly. Starting off with the PIE coin community, the vision and direction for SEND came about in mid-2017 and development quickly progressed after that and is based on PIVX (another popular masternode coin). Right now, you can send your SEND coins to anyone on Twitter, Facebook, or Discord easily through their online platform Socialsend.net. This is the main feature and mission of Social Send, but I really enjoy some of the other great features they have built into their coin and platform too.

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A Feature Packed Platform

SEND is a masternode/staking coin so if you have your SEND in the desktop wallet you will get rewards based on the amount of coins you hold. While staking yields smaller rewards, you need 12,500 SEND for a masternode which gets better rewards. Similar to many other proof of stake coins, running a masternode helps to server the network by validating transactions & masternode owners get voting rights as well. 

In addition to being a masternode coin, SEND also plans to build out a built-in exchange feature in the future, offer SEND debit cards, as well as build out their website into a more robust web 3.0 ready social media site. Like all good cryptocurrencies they have a pretty good wallet that allows you to do quite a few things in the network across multiple platforms including Apple, Android, iOS, Linux, & Windows.

One of the other features I really love is the “Rain” feature. Currently in the Social Send Discord channel you can get fractions of SEND coins for free in what they call rains. It basically works off of a Discord bot and you rifle off commands like //rain .1 or //lightning .1 and they will send an equal amount of crypto to everyone in the Discord channel. It's actually one of the more interesting things I have found on Discord and I like hanging out in the SEND channel talking and send as well as receiving rains. This same function will make it to the wallet and platform where you can Rain different types of coins on your friends or different groups.

SEND Me A Great Community

A big aspect of crypto to me is curating a great community around your project and I really feel that the SEND team has done this. My buddy Rhy introduced me to SEND a while back in 2017 and I have seen the community steadily grow along with the project. While it certainly is not the largest community around, it really feel like a “community” versus just a bunch of people in a Discord channel. Like many developing crypto projects, it is fairly easy to talk to a dev or manager if you need help in their Discord (which is where most of the community action is happening). 

Quick Start Guide To SENDing Crypto To Friends

Here are a few quick steps on how to get started with SEND!

  1. First, head over to the Social Send website and sign up, it's 100% free! You can use your email, Twitter, Facebook, or Discord too!
  2. Once you are logged in, you will see your basic dashboard like mine below. From here you can either select a friend from the right side, or go to your wallet of choice to send crypto. Right now they support SEND, Vitae, Linda coin, Ohm coin, ECA, and OOT with many more on the way. 
  3. You can send 4 different ways including Email, Twitter, Facebook, or Discord. Your friend does not have to have a SEND account to receive crypto from you. They will get a message through whichever platform you choose with a link for them to claim their SEND.
  4. Once you pick the platform you get the actual sending screen, as you can see I picked by buddy Rhy and am sending him .1 SEND through Twitter. 

    5. Transaction fees are 0 and the transaction is pretty much instant! That's it!

I really love the user-first approach that the SEND team has taken, placing a priority on usability. This is obviously a basic iteration of the platform while in beta, but it is already very easy to use and the fact that you can do it from a phone and send crypto to anyone through social media or email makes it very diverse. Combine this with it's lightning fast 60 second block times and you have a crypto that can be used easily, quickly, and socially by millions of social media users.

Hope this gave you some good insight as to what Social Send is and how easy it is to use. Find me in their Discord channel here and let's make it rain together! Until then though…

‘Stache That Crypto Friends!