The holidays are in full swing! It's that time where we over consume (everything), but we do it as a family. I actually like the Christmas holidays, hell I just love holidays period! I would celebrate them all if people wouldn't frown upon it, but that is a story for another time and a totally different blog! I run some fun giveaways on my social media channels (what, you are NOT already following me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Steemit, OR Peepeth?@!?), and to celebrate the season I wanted to do something bigger with extra awesome sauce on top. Keep reading for how YOU can win $100 in Cardano (ADA) for slapping my signature mustache logo on your original meme!

Giving Back During The Holidays

I tend to do some charity work in my community around this time of the year and this is actually the first year that I have not thrown my annual toy drive :(. I just had too much going on, but I did it for 9 years straight and we raised thousands of toys that stayed in our own community. You can check out the video of that below the contest details if it tickles your fancy. 

On to the good stuff!

CONGRATS to @Radioactive3D! His Star Wars meme won him $100 in Cardano!


This contest is EASY PEASY, all you have to do is take this .png of my signature mustache logo and creatively include it in a meme that you created (please don't just recycle someone else's meme, I WILL check!). I will pick my most favorite meme on Christmas morning and send you $100 in Cardano. That's it! 

Click Here To Download!


  1. To submit your meme post it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Steemit, or Peepeth and make sure to tag me – @CryptoStache
  2. You MUST use this EXACT ‘stache image in your submission. Any other ‘staches will be disqualified. There can be only one!!!
  3. Retweet, repost, regram this contest for BONUS points. The more you post and share the more I take notice *hint hint*. I might even send you some free Satoshi Droppers tokens or ‘Stache Coins too!
  4. I will pick the winner on December 25th after me and the family open presents and have played with them all. I will post it on all the social media channels mentioned as well as post it on my website. 

Those are the official rules, if I forgot something I do have the right to update these rules! We keep it casual here… lol. If you wanted to see my toy drive video here it is below:

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait to see all the super creative memes you all come up with, but until then…

‘Stache That Crypto Friends!