Happy 10th Birthday Bitcoin!

Bitcoin 10th Anniversary celebration proof of keys

Bitcoin 10th Anniversary celebration proof of keys

First off, a BIG Happy New Year to all my 'Stache Club members! I appreciate your support greatly and I know 2018 was a rough year for crypto, but I feel good things for 2019. Now... on to the celebrations!

Did you know that January 3rd marks the anniversary of the creation of the first Bitcoin & it's "genesis block"? Its a fun date to remember and if you are as passionate about crypto as I am!

The genesis block was the first block ever created on the Bitcoin blockchain and it's what all other blocks that have been mined since are connected to. FUN FACT: Satoshi Nakamoto still holds all the Bitcoin mined from that first genesis block.

Another great thing about this day is the annual Proof of Keys exercise where you pull your Bitcoin off any place that holds your Bitcoin private keys for you like a centralized exchange (ie Coinbase, Binance) or other 3rd Party that holds the private keys for you. "Not your private keys, not your Bitcoin" and it is very true. Ask all the people who had their funds on Mt. Gox in 2013.

I am participating in Proof of Keys today and will be removing my Bitcoin from 4 different locations. If you need help or have questions I am here for you all day! Send me a reply to this or hit me up on any of my social media channels and I can help guide you if you are stuck or have questions. Even if you don't participate in this exercise today, you can do it anytime that suits you. The whole point is to learn to be your own bank and grow your knowledge of how these things work. 

That's it for today, hope you celebrate Bitcoin's bday in your own way, but until next time...

'Stache That Crypto Friends!

PS: if you have not taken my 1 question poll for what kind of crypto content YOU want to see me do in 2019, please take a sec and do so. I fight for the Users!

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