Gods Unchained & CryptoKitties Limited Edition Mashup; Live Pack Opening

Gods Unchained cryptokitties limited edition pack opening statue

I love it when two of my favorite blockchain based games can do a cool collaboration like this! If you already own a Cryptokitty, or you love Gods Unchained go pick up a limited edition mashup pack before the expire! You can login to the Gods Unchained websites using your MetaMask and open a limited edition "Kitty Pack". This is a standard Genesis pack of cards, but it comes with a unique Cryptokitty statue customized to the kitty that you picked. Apparently these cool limited statues will be used in the game in some way. Certainly a great edition to your crypto collectibles!

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  1. tony laudani

    Excellent web page . and enjoy reading your views . Saturday , I went to purchase a couple crypto Kittys , and a handful of packs of God unchained . I am a older gentleman and never played video games of any kind . Where do I learn how to play or participate in this GODS unchained . I also received one of those robotic cats . I have no idea what to do with cards or cat , but now have a huge collect of cards . Three CRYPTO KITTYS , ,and robotic cat . any insight would help me . thank you

    1. Post
      The 'Stache

      Hi Tony, so CryptoKitties are a digital collectible item. There is no “game” that you can play with your kitties besides collecting them, breading them to make new combinations, and selling them on their marketplace if you like. Gods Unchained is a collectible trading card game and it has not officially launched yet. If you have ever played Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone it is very similar. You can see a little of how the game play will work on their website.

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