There are so many great crypto events these days that sometimes it is really hard for me to choose which ones I should be attending. Rewind to the time when I first invested into Bitcoin and there were almost zero! For those that may not know, I have done event production as sort of a hobby since about 2003.

My largest event was the Folk Revival Festival. I enjoyed event production, but realized it was taking up too much of my time with little financial return (ie. I loved doing it by made no money). Now that my free time focus has switched from music event production to cryptocurrency I find myself still being drawn to events and conventions. Keep reading to see all the cool crypto events I will be attending in the next few months!

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Monthly Blockchain Plus Meetup

Blockchain Plus monthly crypto meetup Long Beach, CA

I help host a monthly cryptocurrency meetup in my hometown of Long Beach, CA with my buddies Gaston, Mike, & Sebastian. We meet at a local place called MADE by Millworks that has cool spaces for events and a great shop of locally made goods in the front. This is more of a circle discussion group and we like to have conversations about crypto versus just presentations that you might find at other crypto meetups.

Its a safe place to talk freely and we have built a nice little community around it. Its 100% free and anyone is welcome to join us. We have a quick presentation for beginners if you fall in that category too. We all go out for a quick drink or bite to eat afterwards if you are feeling it and I have made some good friends over the last year doing these meetups.

Find full details for each month on our page here

Bitcoin Ben's World's Largest Crypto Meetup

Bitcoin Ben largest crypto meetup in Texas 2019

I have met a ton of great people going to cryptocurrency conventions and at last year's World Crypto Con I ran into Bitcoin Ben. He is a genuine guy that loves crypto and puts out some fun video content too. Ben has partnered up with my new friends from the Wild West Crypto Show (look for a fun video spot I did with them soon) to do the “World's Largest Crypto Meetup” on April 6th, 2019 in Blanco, TX.

The location is quaint and very western themed so my ‘stache will fit right in! Tickets are SUPER affordable at just $20 and all profits will go to the Tour De Crypto charity (which I love). If you are in the Texas area, or can't make your way there, I highly suggest coming to hang out. This will be more about networking and good times and less about projects and speakers. I will be heading down there myself for the weekend with my good buddies, and fellow Satoshi Droppers, BitBoy and JChains, so make sure to say hi!

Full details and ticket purchase is found here.

Crypto Invest Summit 2019

steve wozniak speaking at crypto invest summit

The beginning of April is going to be CRAZY busy for me as I will also be attending my favorite crypto conference, and one of the largest on the West Coast, on April 9-10th, 2019. Crypto Invest Summit is the hometown conference and The CryptoStache is once again a media partner for the event. They have already announced a keynote by infamous Litecoin creator Charlie Lee and I know the organizers have a great lineup in store. If you are looking to pickup tickets you can use my personal discount code to get 20% off – STACHE20

More info and ticket purchase details here.

That's what I have confirmed 100% for the next few months, I will make sure to keep you all updated to where I will be at as new events and fun things come across my table. Until next time…

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