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Just about 8 months ago I started doing my very first video livestreams on my new Youtube channel. I did not have much of a direction except I wanted to interview my favorite crypto friends and interesting people in the space. While I love doing livestreams, it was hard to be consistently doing them the same day and time each week. I found myself having to skip some weeks as my schedule was just too busy to keep it consistent. Now here in 2019, I have been working on streamlining my content and process so I can focus more on what topics and interviews matter the most to YOU, so I decided to turn my popular livestream show ‘Stache My Crypto into a podcast!

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On this first ‘Stache My Crypto podcast episoide (which is really episode 16 if we are counting all the previous videos!), I have my good friend David Bleznak from the Totle project on. We talk about how quickly the industry changes, the challenges you may face when creating your own blockchain project, and how to stay dynamic and pivot if the need arises. 

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Check out a special video version of this podcast that we did if you want to get the visuals. I will do one special video version of my podcast each month as a livestream where you can actually ask us questions directly. This is a little teaser for that and I will make sure to post about when the next actual livestream video version will be so you can join us!


Check out the more about David's projects Totle.com
Follow David on Twitter @bleznak

Hope you enjoyed another episode of the ‘Stache My Crypto podcast, until next time…

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