The Crypto Corral – Dash VS Pivx

The Crypto Corral - Dash VS Pivx masternode showdown

When these two masternode projects roll into town it's going to be a shootout to the death! Dash has been the law in these parts since as far back as I can reckon, but PIVX has a mighty fine posse of it's own. Who will win in this epic showdown?? 

Join me each week for a wild west style crypto showdown between two top 100 coins where we look at the merits of both projects in 7 different categories. Viewer comments help decide who is the winner and the winning coin moves on to the semi-finals round to await their next chance at glory in the Crypto Corral!

Here are the previous weeks winners:

Round 1 Winner: Holochain -
Round 2 Winner: VeChain -
Round 3 Winner: OmiseGO -
Round 4 Winner: Elastos -
Round 5 Winner: Tron -
Round 6 Winner: Stellar -

Gotta watch the video to see who won! (no spoilers!!!). It was great to see the top 2 masternodes duke it out and I really appreciate all the people that tune in for this live show! More rounds coming at you soon, but until then...

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  1. CryptoCalifornia

    A DASH MN is out of reach for most. As many support PIVX at this price point the network will get more decentralized and attracted core developers. Like buying a fixer house in a good location, hard work and patience will pay off.

    1. Post
      The 'Stache

      I can totally relate to this! You are right about PIVX being at a better price point will help attract more nodes which in turn makes it more decentralized. You also do need to factor in the actual use case of each coin as well though. Just because it’s cheaper does not mean it’s got a better use long term.

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