Is there only room for one crypto peer-to-peer payments solution in this dusty blockchain town? Bitcoin Cash will face Litecoin in the Crypto Corral! Both coins are top 10 projects and are looking to hit the crypto payments bullseye. Who will win in this epic showdown??

Big shoutout to everyone in the comments on this live stream, you really helped me to make a decision on this one and it was SOOOOOooo close. Personal thanks to Emma B. for her great info (I have enabled Bitcoin Cash in now too!). 

Join me each week for a wild west style crypto showdown between two top 100 coins where we look at the merits of both projects in 7 different categories. Viewer comments help decide who is the winner and the winning coin moves on to the semi-finals round to await their next chance at glory in the Crypto Corral!

Round 1 Winner: Holochain –
Round 2 Winner: VeChain –
Round 3 Winner: OmiseGO –
Round 4 Winner: Elastos –
Round 5 Winner: Tron –
Round 6 Winner: Stellar –
Rounds 7 Winner: Dash –

We are gearing up for MARCH MADNESS in the Crypto Corral coming at the end of the month! All the top coins will face off in one big bonanza to decided the first “King of the Corral“! More on that to come soon, but until next time…

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