In this quick tutorial I show you step-by-step how to vote for a node on the IOST mainnet so you can get an on-going 50% of the node rewards you vote for on an annual basis. There is just ONE tricky part to this process so make sure to watch how easy it actually is when you know this important detail. Don't miss out on getting some rewards when you vote for my IOST ‘Stache node!

GO HERE TO VOTE: Find my node or search for it: “IOST Stache”

Once you have voted you can check your how many daily rewards or “ROI” you are getting for your IOST by using this calculator (its about half way down the page): Calculate IOST Rewards

If you are new to the IOST blockchain, you should check out my Complete Guide to IOST here. More great content coming at you soon, but until then…

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