Playing Steem Monsters Blockchain Trading Card Game LIVE!

I am always on the lookout for a fun (and already playable) blockchain based crypto game. In talking with my buddy Kenn Bosak a lot lately he challenged me to a game of Steem Monsters which is a collectible trading card game on the STEEM blockchain. While I knew about the game I had never given it a try, even though Steem (and is one of my favorite projects with actual mass adoption. 

The team at Steem Monsters was kind enough to send me a free starter pack of Steem Monster cards ($10 is all you need to get started playing the game and you get 30 cards), so I decided that in preparation for my challenge match with Kenn that I needed to dive in and get my feet wet! Check out my live stream above so you can see how I fair on my first time playing in the ranked league.

Steem Monsters 

If you want to also play some Steem Monsters & challenge me to a game you can get started pretty cheaply.

Click here to play Steem Monsters (this is my affiliate link and I get a small bonus which comes at no additional cost to you, appreciate your support!).

I really enjoyed Steem Monsters and I think I will do more live streaming of it at random times so make sure you are subscribed to my channel. Also, make sure to look out for a stream of Kenn and I's epic battle coming soon.

Steem Monsters are got me hooked! That's all for today until next time...

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