TRONBet VS IOST Endless Game – Which Dice Game dApp Is The Better?

Gambling with cryptocurrency is on FIRE right now and it seems that most of the top decentralized apps are ones where you gamble your way to moon-like profits!

I look at two of the top games; TRON Bet & IOST Endless Game doing a comparison of their similar dice games and which one is better in my opinion and are they REALLY fair??? I show you how to play each game, which wallets you need to get started, and let you know which one I think is the better version of a gambling dice dApp game. 

UPDATE: It was pointed out to me from the great communities of both projects that A) TRONBet has a little lower house advantage, and B) IOST Endless Game DOES have a token similar to ANTE called "iET" which is a stake of the casino that you win every time you bet 1:1 for IOST.

Are you a TRONBet fan or do you think IOST Endless Game is better? Leave your comments below to let me know your thoughts, but until next time...

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    The only thing you didn’t quite get right on the Endlessgame/tronbet comparison is when you said there is no ante system for ET. With ET right now every IOST you bet you also get a 1:1 amount of iET which is your stake in the casino (just like ante with tronbet) The 1:1 changes once ~6bil iET are distributed, but it’s the same system. Just another great thing about iET and using IOST!

    1. The 'Stache Post
      The 'Stache

      OH WOW! I can’t believe I didn’t see that!

      Thanks SO much for your comment! I will amend my article to include this fact. I wish Endless game made that a little more apparent.

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