ME Token Aicoin

On May 15, ALL.ME (ME) Token was listed in the top 20 on AICoin! Currently, the token’s capitalization is USD 0.8B. This is a major achievement for ME and shows that interest in the token is very high. AICoin is a cryptocurrency market analysis and tracking website. Here, token holders and other interested parties can find information on ME Token price, trading volume, and market cap.

ME Token first entered the CoinAll crypto exchange on February 11, 2019. Upon being listed, the token’s initial value was $0.014. However, in less than two months, the price had been increased by more than 1000%, and today’s price is $0.12.

ME Token is the virtual currency of digital network, which is operational both inside and outside ME is a standard ERC-20 token with a total emission of 10 billion.

The token’s success is mainly due to the ecosystem in which it exists. consists of a social platform (meNetwork), a marketplace (meMarket), and its own payment service (mePay). The concept is based on building mutually beneficial partnerships within the user-platform-business chain.’s meNetwork is a new-generation social platform that rewards active users with digital assets (aka ME Token). meMarket is a trading platform allowing users to buy and sell products from each other (C2C) as well as directly from international brands (B2C). mePay is a FinTech solution that brings together blockchain technology, digital assets, electronic money, as well as classic payment services. With the internal billing system, transfers can be performed instantly without commissions within the network.

What makes stand out is the opportunity that users can earn up to 50% of the advertising revenues generated by the network. Users’ rewards are based on their social activity within the platform.

Users get their earnings in ME, based on their social activity, social ranking, and content. You can manage your own account, find people who share your hobbies and interests, and engage them with content you post.

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