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I have always loved to travel. I try to get away to different cities and countries as much as I can, but with a full time business and also doing my helpful crypto thing sometimes it can be a challenge to block out the time away. If you are a “busy” person like I tend to be, with so many things going on at once, it can be hard to carve out time for travel and vacation. I have realized more and more lately that while it's tough to do, it's absolutely paramount to my happiness and success. My girlfriend and I really dig in and try to find the best deals to maximize our time and money, which is why I was super happy to find an independent company like Travala that lets you purchase your hotel room with Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies!

How Travala Works

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Just like these other hotel booking sites, Travala works with a ton of hotels around the globe (over 560,000 in 210 countries to be exact!), and they get discounts that they then pass on to you. I did a comparison to places like and you can find pretty much the same hotels at the same prices. Here is the kicker though, Travala lets you pay for your hotel in cryptocurrency AND they give you rewards back in their own AVA token for each booking. Bonus!

You can of course use plain old fiat to pay for your stay, but when crypto is in a major bull run you can get a bigger bang for using Bitcoin or the 15 other cryptocurrencies they accept as payment. Here is a full list below that includes: Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, XRP, Nano, TRON, Dai, BNB, Digibyte, Stellar, EOS, TUSD, and even Doge!

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The AVA Token

The other aspect that sets Travala apart from the myriad of booking sites out there is their reward points called AVA. Every time you book a stay you earn a percentage of that spend back in the form of AVA tokens. You can then use your AVA to pay for hotel rooms once you have acquired enough! Not every booking site has something like this, and it's nice to get direct rewards from a hotel booking site versus just from my credit card company. For instance I use a credit card that gives me 2% back in points for spending on travel so if I book through Travala I get that 2% PLUS I get another 2% from Travala in AVA tokens. These are small bonuses that start to add up over a years time that can put me in a position for a free, or nearly free, vacation!

Earn More With The SMART Program 

In addition to earning when you book rooms, you can also lock up a certain amount of AVA tokens in their platform and earn even more rewards. 

“SMART program offers up to 5% discount off the listed prices together with up to 5% loyalty reward after you have completed your stay. It works on holding a tiered amount of AVA in your Travala wallet. When activated it applies to all accommodation bookings you make on the platform.”

The great thing about this is you still own the points, you don't have to “cash them in”, you just hold on to them to get the rewards. They have 5 different levels that you can lock up with increasing amounts starting at 500 AVA up to 5,000 with the highest tier giving you the most rewards. You can learn more details about the SMART program here, but it's certainly a unique feature for a cheap online hotel booking site. 

Optimize Your Travel

If you are like me and you really like to optimize your travel plans and budget, then you should at least take a quick look at what Travala offers. I think this format of using blockchain to track rewards points for travel is going to be the defacto system in the very near future and Travala is leading the pack so far. If like my break down and want to support the channel you can click on any of the Travala links here as they are my affiliate links and I appreciate your support!

More great crypto tips coming at you soon, but until then…

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