I talk with Kriptomat CEO Srdjan all about incorporating Enjin blockchain elements into his crypto trading platform, making it the first ever Enjin enabled exchange where you can earn NFT's by trading. We also get into how their new gamified rewards system will work for Dragon Riders of Kriptomat and beyond as they expand their offerings this year significantly. 

There is SO much under the hood of this project that I could barely fit it all into one interview. I will be doing a second part to this video that includes a step-by-step tutorial on exactly how to trade on Kriptomat to earn your NFT and how you can craft and combine them for the ultimate rare tokens they offer. 

In addition, I have teamed up with Enjin once again and we will be dropping an Enjin beam QR code in this video. The first 100 people to find and scan the QR somewhere hidden in the video will score some awesome NFT! Make sure to catch the premier this Friday, August 30th at 10am PST to get a chance at those sweet sweet Enjin backed prizes!

Want to learn more about Kriptomat? Check them out here – https://kriptomat.io

More cool gaming and crypto content coming at you soon, but until then…

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