Gods Unchained is a new trading card game that is similar to Magic The Gathering Arena or Hearthstone, but with some pretty unique features. I have been playing since early beta days and now that we are nearing a balanced game ready for release I wanted to dive into some deck creation tutorials.

In this video I show you how to build a Light Deck for Gods Unchained TCG. This is aimed at beginners, is based on a current meta build deck for Light (Thaerial God of Light), but also covers what you can do when you are missing some key cards from a deck build list!

Big props to friends over at gu.cards for building such a great deck tool, make sure to check out their site.

Want to support my time? Use my GU link when you sign up to play the game or buy card packs!

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I will be doing a few more of these types of videos going into the launch of the game to try and help beginners get a sense of how to create decks and what the current meta is. More gaming videos coming at you soon, but until next time…

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