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New staking solution enables crypto owners to increase profit from digital assets

MyCointainer launches as an online automatic and masternode staking platform for the cryptocurrency community. The long-awaited solution aims to help users trade coins and generate a considerable profit in the form of stakes.

The staking platform should increase the number of cryptocurrency users by helping new investors operate easier with digital assets. Those that use it can easily buy cryptos using EUR, USD, and other fiat currencies. The mission is to create a smooth entry path into the world of digital money with plenty of support and minimal investment risks.

MyCointainer is regulated by FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) and licensed under numbers FVR000557 & FRK000469. The platform will provide services cryptocurrency exchange to fiat currencies and other cryptos. The plan is to increase the number of digital assets constantly by adding new crypto tokens and enabling users to diversify their financial ventures.

Additionally, MyCointainer will endorse and help manage cryptocurrency wallets. The platform will utilize the power of blockchain (Proof of Stake + Masternodes) to generate stable profits and allow users to keep their coins in the same place.

The crypto community has been eagerly anticipating the launching of MyCointainer. Users expect that they can increase their profits from digital assets through a trustworthy and reliable staking platform.

How MyCointainer Works

There are over 40 different digital assets available on MyCointainer at the moment. Their number is expected to increase considerably in the next few weeks. Among them, users can stake PIVX, Divi, Energi, Neblio, Polis and many others.

The platform generates access to shared masternodes staking, and every reward is subject to compound interest. The yearly return varies, based on each coin consensus rules, from 1% to 149% and the entire investing and reward-generating process is 100% automatic.

Most of these investments have no reward fees, while others can come with a reward fee up to 9%. All fees are transparent and visible in user’s dashboard.

MyCointainer works based on a staking pool, which is a reward infrastructure that benefits even the users who have a limited amount of coins. This game-changing system enables holders of digital assets to increase their profits quickly and efficiently as part of a community. Otherwise, they would have to wait instead for several weeks to slowly see their rewards improve.

The staking platform also uses shared masternodes technology. This system helps people group together in a segment of users that can invest together for the collateral amount. It is a high-performance infrastructure that uses the “strength in numbers” principle to enable users to access masternode benefits that would not be available if they would choose to invest on their own.

MyCointainer Benefits

MyCointainer uses Proof of Stake technology. Users place in their coins as validators on a blockchain-based platform and receive rewards for their investment.

MyCointainer comes with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Both entry-level users and experienced crypto traders can easily manage their coins, stakes, and investments without prior technical expertise.

One of the main benefits of using MyCointainer is that you get access to shared masternodes staking for a broad variety of coins. Each reward is subject to compound interest. In the long-term, you have an excellent opportunity to increase your earnings.

The platform has a direct interest to help you enhance your profits. Since fees apply only on generated rewards, MyCointainer's mission is to support your investment and provide you with the ideal environment for highly profitable staking.

Another advantage of using MyCointainer is that new users and people who have just entered the crypto world are highly welcome. You don't need any technical knowledge to be able to fully use the platform.

You barely have to do anything since the entire process is 100% automatic. All you need to do is to deposit a coin of your choice and watch your balance grow. It is the epitome of letting money work for you instead of the other way around.

Earning Rewards

MyCointainer aims to grow a community of crypto enthusiasts where members can build a steady passive income risk-free. They build their goal on the principle that every reward is subject to compound interest.

Earning rewards on MyCointainer is quite simple. You start by depositing a coin of your choice to your MyCointainer staking address. From that point forward, your investment begins its automatic journey. Future rewards shall be credited and added to your balance. It is the ideal choice for passive investors who want to grow their digital assets without any hassle.

The entire process is verifiable, scalable and transparent. Every participant in the PoS system can have a clear view of all ID transactions, stakes, and rewards. The developers are also working on a solution to help investors see which rewards come from masternodes, and which come from staking.

The MyCointainer World-Changing Vision

The team behind MyCointainer is a mix of crypto enthusiasts and industry professionals that want to enable easy access to the new and emerging cryptoeconomy.

As technology advances, it changes the world we live in and the way we understand the financial investment. Most of our assets can obtain and develop a virtual value. MyCointainer aims to provide safe and profitable opportunities for those who want to take a decisive step forward into the new age of cryptocurrency.

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Marius Bogdan Dinu

Telegram: @mycointainermtkg