I take a look at the MyCointainer staking and masternode platform that attempts to make it mainstream easy to get passive income from cryptocurrency for beginners and seasoned trades alike. Tired of using a million wallets for staking all your coins? Then check out this website as a possible solution. They have a MASSIVE list of coins that you can stake or get masternode rewards from including: Energi, Qtum, Divi, Rapids, Waves, Pivx, Startis, Bitcoin One, Bitcoin Turbo Koin, BitGreen, CloakCoin, ColossusXT, Electra, ExclusiveCoin, Metrix Coin, Monetary Unit, NavCoin, Neblio, Particl, Peercoin, Polis, Radium, Safeinsure, SmartCash, Social Send, Solaris, Stealth, Syscoin, Vitae, Wagerr, Beacn Cash, Bitbay, Blackcoin, DeviantCoin, Experience Points, KYDCoin, Luxcore, MMOCoin, OkCash, Phore, PinkCoin, Shard, Rypaya

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Got questions about staking or masternodes? Send them my way or look out for more great content on passive income streams in cryptocurrency coming soon to my channel, but until then…

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