I talk with Mark aka “Petrify” one of the Game Designers for my favorite trading card game / collectible card games Gods Unchained! We talk about GU's “Play-to-Earn” model and how it compares to other games. We dive into Flux & Fusing of cards so you can sell them on the marketplace & we even talk Season 1 with upcoming changes like Sanctum & Favor.

Watch as I try to get him slapped in the face for revealing too many juicy details that he shouldn't!

Play Gods Unchained: https://godsunchained.com

PLUS: GU Rare Chest giveaway detailshttps://twitter.com/CryptoStache/status/1231994921076191232

Ready for more blockchain gaming content?? Well, I am ramping up my gaming and it's coming at you soon, until then…

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